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Seeing the Can as a Reminder

Grim ReaperLooking for some feedback here. As you know, we swap out the header on our forums from time to time (thanks to forum member Keddy for all his hard work making that place look awesome!).

The current header contains an image of the grim reaper, a can of dip and the following phrase:

“Cancel Your Date With Cancer!”

There have been some folks who have raised concerns about this particular header due to the image of the dip can that it contains. Their contention is that they’ve spent so much time and effort trying to get away from the can that they don’t need or want the reminder when they come to the forums.

Way back in the day, we had dip cans as part of our header and we removed them for similar reasons.

At this point in my quit I’ve got absolutely no problem with it… but I could make a case that a younger quitter (in quit days) may have an issue with seeing the can as a reminder.

I can only speak for me. At this point I don’t mind the reminder. In fact, I applaud it. When people say “The only time I think about dip is when I’m on the forums,” my response is, “So what? Is that bad?”

Personally I don’t EVER want to forget. I see this as just another reminder… but I can see the other side of the argument as well.

What are your thoughts on this header? Too much? Not enough? Let us hear from you!

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  1. No issue for me Posting under that banner of quit, stealing more time and saving more money. If seeing a can of poison makes your lip twitch, you just might be a nic fiend. Never forget. And if the reaper does happen to show up, I’ll be damned if my last thought is regret about self induced slavery to a weed.

  2. I guess I see it a little different. Having the open can with the words “mouth cancer” is a good reminder of one of the reasons why we are all on this site anyways. I don’t see it as bad but can understand those who would.

    1. This is exactly how I saw it. Because the warning label jumps out, I didn’t see it as an issue, but I can understand there are those that would.

  3. I think about dip whenever I drive by any gas station especially the one around the corner from my house I am grateful that I don’t feel the urge to stop and by a can as that will be a set back in my desire to stay on the quitting end of this addiction. My quite date is 9/3/2015 I’m on days 23 and counting. Is it hard to not think about chewing when I see a can yes it is but it’s also a reminder of the damage I was causing to myself and my relationship with family and loved ones by lying to them. But with each day it’s getting easier. So I will keep forging on with my decision to remain nicotine free

  4. i think about dip after my workout, when I see a dead can on the road, when I glance up at the gas station. Don’t need to see but am ok with it on the banner

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