October 2018 Arizona Quitter Meet!

KillTheCan.org forum members JP3, kodiakdeath, bigrick_2u, Blu Man Chew, gottadoit, Srains, MattyB, Rogerperson and Johnny Smalls made for an awesome meet in Arizona! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?   You can contact us, you can upload it directly to the site or post it to our Facebook page!

Broccoli-saurus & Bigrick_2u – Missed Connection

Broccoli-saurus & bigrick_2u

KillTheCan.org forum members Broccoli-saurus and Bigrick_2u got together when Brick missed a connecting flight. Per Brocc, “Brick’s missed connecting flight equaled me putting food and drinks in him in a romantic manner at an Irving sports bar. Quit Love baby!” Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like … Continue reading

Brick’s Hall of Fame – One Bearded Man’s Epic Battle With Nicotine

bigrick_2u avatar

Well, I think it’s time I finally put pen to paper… Hang with me here for a bit because this is going to be long, but I need to get this out. My name is bigrick_2u. What a dumb name. Foggy and not really caring about frivolous things like a … Continue reading