TeaZa Ingredients

TeaZa Bangin Black Cherr -Bomb

Below is a list of ingredients in various TeaZa products. If you’d like to try these products you can get them at www.teazaenergy.com.  If you have a list of ingredients for a TeaZa product not listed here please contact us and we’ll get it added. TeaZa Tropical Ingredients Yerba mate leaf (Ilex paraguariensis), … Continue reading

TeaZa Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb Pouch Review

TeaZa Bangin BlackCherry Bomb

Back in March I reviewed a new flavor from TeaZa called Black Cherry. I’m back today with yet another new offering from the TeaZa crew, the soon to be released, limited edition TeaZa Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb! If you’re not familiar with TeaZa you can check out my original review … Continue reading

TeaZa Black Cherry – Herbal Energy Pouch Review

TeaZa Black Cherry (1)

I’m thrilled to be back again bringing you another new flavor from our friends at TeaZa – Black Cherry! I’ve had this review sitting in my drafts folder for months now… what can I say, I’m a bad blogger. 🙁 If you’re not familiar with TeaZa you can check out … Continue reading

Teaza Energy Pouches Reviews

Teaza Energy Tropical New

TeaZa Tropical Chill Chewie says… I’m going to keep this one short and sweet…. just like the product itself. This is once again a great flavor from TeaZa. They continue to knock it out of the park with these flavored pouches. Not a huge difference taste or smell wise between this … Continue reading