THansen2413 HOF Speech – My journey To 100 And Beyond

The time is now. The time to quit, is now. The time to take back your freedom, is now. Tomorrow will always turn into another tomorrow, quit today.

I’m writing my HOF speech on Day 127 of being quit. I knew I didn’t want to write a speech as soon as I hit the Hall, not that there’s anything wrong with those who do. I just knew for me, I wanted to reflect and gather my thoughts a bit. I guess a part of me has waited so long to write this, because I was scared I couldn’t put into words how much this place (KTC) and all of you (my beloved fellow quitters) have impacted my life for the better. But I’ll give it my best shot….

February 22nd, 2014 I chose to take my life back. At the ripe old age of 24, I realized I’d spent the better part of the last 10 years filling my lip with a poison. I knew I’d been dipping for a while, but damn, 10 years is longer than I had ever dreamed I would be using a cancer causing product (sound familiar?). I would throw a fat one in my lip during my morning commute to work. Another fat one during my morning break. I’d woof down my lunch, just so I could stuff my lip up again during my lunch break. Drive home from work…you guessed it, another fatty. Pre-supper (that’s dinner for non Midwestern’s) I’d have one in. Post-supper was the prime time to fill my lip, and of course a nightcap of the black poison, sometimes I’d even fall asleep with it still in. A can a day, at least! $35 dollars a week is what I was spitting into a plastic bottle.

I’d been on KTC before, but never the forum. I truly, and deeply wanted to quit this time, so I jumped in head first and joined the forum. After reading briefly about how the forum works, I posted my introduction. Looking back today on that post, I can’t help but smile. I was terrified, I had already convinced myself I could never quit, or stay quit. I was making excuses for why it would be hard. I was greeted by some seasoned vets, who basically told me, you’re going to quit now, cold turkey, or this isn’t the place for you. Point taken!

I posted roll religiously. That would be the first thing I did before my feet even hit the floor. I remember seeing quitters post support in June 14 group. I thought that was really cool, and motivational. I kept active in my introduction page. I’d post victories, and downfalls. I would read and take to heart what vets were relaying to me. I kept quitting, ODAAT. Pretty soon my days added up, I made friends, I exchanged numbers/emails/social media information and so forth. I’d read the victories that my fellow June members had achieved and gain strength from them.

Was getting to 100 days easy? Not in the least. Was it easier than I thought? Absolutely. If you join this forum half heartedly, you’ll probably not have a very good experience. If you join and give everything you have to this place, you will experience a life changing event. Your fellow quitters are your allies. Don’t ever skip the opportunity to exchange another level of accountability (number, email, etc.) with someone who is offering to exchange theirs with you.

I’d like to close by thanking some of the quitters who come to mind who shaped my quit. I will undoubtedly forget some, and for that I’m deeply sorry. In no particular order….. Construction24$7, LK16, E&Cs Dad, MonsterEMT, Spence249, Bronc, MCO, Brettlees, Keddy, Grizclaws, Krusty, rdad, and all the quitters of The June Quit Saloon (June 14).

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up – Jim Valvano

THansen2413- I’m quit

NOTE: This piece written by forum member THansen2413

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