2019 HOF Speeches

The 1st Milestone

October 17, 2018. That’s a day I’ll never forget. I had about 3/4 of a can of Copenhagen Longcut left from the day prior when I got up that morning. Usually after I wake up I’d go brush my teeth and immediately throw in a wad of crap in my mouth after.

Not this time.

Something came over me and I handed that can over to my girlfriend and told her to hang on to it and not give it back unless I asked.

That first day was pure hell, but there was absolutely no chance I could look her in the eye and ask for my can back.  I could of went and bought another one, but I WANTED to be done. I owe it to our little girl (who arrived February 5th!!)

I read a line on here while I was looking through these forums:

“There’s nothing weaker than your child knowing that a dead plant controls your actions”

That really stuck with me…

I didn’t join my January brothers until Day 13 of my quit. I regret that.    I realized later on how things work here. If you post your Day 1 in your pre-HOF group the people here are going to flood your inbox with support.  You’re going to have so many people wanting to talk to you and see how you’re doing, give you advice, keep you accountable etc. I wish I would of had my Jan ‘19 brothers and vets for those first couple weeks… again.. I regret not posting my day 1 and trying to do it on my own.

To any guest reading this: We see you. You’ve been poking around here, trying to find some courage to go all in on this. I was you. Now I’m celebrating 100 days quit.  My blood pressure was high, my gums looked like hell, I slept like shit. I’m 28 years old.  What has dip done for you lately?

Sign up. Go to the Pre-HOF section and find your group. If you need help PM me, I’ll answer you in a heartbeat.

Life’s pretty good now.  I owe it to KillTheCan.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Sand44

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  1. Good morning Miss Cherry and comrades,
    The 28th of December 2018 was the last day I had my dose of the chewing tobacco. So, it’s going to be the 56th day without it. Thanks. I love you .Kindly, direct me to help others quit it in India. Regards. I love you, KTC.

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