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The Definition of ‘We Quit Like Fuck’ – Badassery In Its Purest Form

Coach Steve avatarThe Definition of “We Quit Like Fuck”

To be completely honest, I don’t think the phrase “We Quit Like Fuck” needs to be defined. In my opinion, it speaks for itself. However, I decided to write a HOF speech and I had to write about something so I chose this phrase. The phrase originated in live chat one evening. A fellow quitter made a comment about how strong the April 12 group was and how well we were doing as a group. My response was, “We Quit Like Fuck.” From there, it spread like wildfire and others throughout KTC began to openly use the phrase.

“We Quit Like Fuck” is more than just four words strung together, it’s a state of mind. Learn it, live it, love it. I made it part of my signature to remind myself (and others) that complacency is unacceptable. We must always be on our guard and be 100% committed to our quit. We must also take it upon ourselves to strengthen the quit of others, which in turn shall strengthen ours. In short, “We Quit Like Fuck” is a lifestyle.

In order to define “We Quit Like Fuck,” we must breakdown the individual words:

“We” states that you and I are not alone in this fight. There are others, some of whom are now my good friends that fight this battle on a daily basis just like you and I. “We” is accountability, which is the cornerstone of quitting the KTC way. Without the “We” there is no accountability. Without the “We” there is only “You” and “I.” You and I are not strong enough to fight this battle alone. You and I must reach out to our brothers and sisters to ask for help and render assistance when necessary. “We” can only strengthen your quit it can never weaken it. Put yourself out there, get to know your brothers and sisters, give out your phone number and email address, and ask for others in return. “You” and “I” must become “We.”

“Quit” is a decision that should be made only once. Unlike the “We,” quit is a decision that must be made by “You” and “I.” No one else can quit for you therefore you cannot quit for anyone else. “Quit” for yourself. Trust me, you can quit for yourself and the people that you care about will still reap the benefits of YOUR decision. “Quit” is the determination to never again put tobacco or nicotine in your body. If you’re reading this then you’ve either already quit or you are contemplating quitting. If you are contemplating quitting, then contemplate no further. Make the decision to quit right now. Do not give your addict brain the opportunity to convince you otherwise. If you have already quit and perhaps find yourself struggling, then I ask you this: “Have you made your decision to “Quit”? For whatever reason, some of you have quit without making the decision to “Quit.” You go through the motions of posting roll, don’t get to know any of your brothers and sisters and eventually fade into oblivion. If this is you, then you are destined for failure. But it’s never too late to make the decision to “Quit.” Do it now and don’t waste another second of your life on tobacco. You are either “Quit” or “Not Quit,” there is no middle ground in this fight ladies and gentlemen.

“Like” is just a modifier. It’s a necessary component without any independent meaning. Let’s put it this way, “We Quit Fuck” sounds stupid and makes no sense.

“Fuck” is the real teeth of the phrase. To say that you do anything like “Fuck,” means that you are 100% balls to the wall committed to whatever you’re doing. To quit like “Fuck” means to guard your quit at all times and take whatever means necessary to protect your quit. To quit like “Fuck” means that you should never get complacent or satisfied with your quit. To quit like “Fuck” means that each day you wake up, tell the nicotine addiction to “fuck off,” post roll and then go about your daily routine. To quit like “Fuck” is to inspire others to quit like “Fuck.” To quit like “Fuck” is not half-ass….it’s full on badassery in it’s purest form.

When you put it all together you have a phrase that defines My quit and the entire April 12 group. We Quit Like Fuck…won’t you join us?

Here is the part where I’m supposed to name names and thank people for their help along my journey. The only problem is, I have far too many people to thank and I want to avoid accidentally leaving people off the list. Instead, I decided that I would thank groups of people instead of individuals. After all, “We” is accountability.

I’d like to thank the following groups:

The Glass House of April 2012 aka The QLF Crew – You guys know who you are, thanks to all of you. We Quit Like Fuck.
February “FU” 2012 – Thank you for showing us what a badass quit group is all about.
April’s Fools Badass Quitters 2011 – The gheyest member of KTC. Nuff said.
The Inglorious Basterds of Quit – October 2011 – Thank you for challenging our group and for your insight and support.
The Honeybadgers – June 2010 – Maybe it’s just a coach thing.
The Inner Sanctum of Insanity – If you ain’t heard of us, that’s because we don’t want you to know who we are.

Finally, I’d like to thank the founding members of KTC for having the perseverance to stand up to censorship and for giving me the freedom to write a speech entitled, “The Definition of We Quit Like Fuck.”

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Coach Steve

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