2012 HOF Speeches

The Fight Will Never Be Over

jonathanrivers avatarNicotine Is a Bitch and a Bandit

For the first time in my life after accomplishing something big, I don’t feel like I’ve really accomplished anything. I know that seems a bit on the contradictory side, but it’s the painful truth. I am an addict. And I will always be an addict. The second I forget that is the second that this speech is rendered a worthless archive, a past reflection of my struggle to free myself from nicotine. The fight will never be over.

Now I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom. This is a big step for any addict – to know that he’s begun to free himself from the confines of dependency and all the self-loathing that his own slavery has entailed. But there’s a long road ahead. There’s much work to be done. For any other addict, I would pity their journey. But with KTC and my Brothers of May (Bitches), I know that I can beat this.

I know that with my KTC brothers, I can travel that road and beat down instances of the nicotine bandit along the way. With KTC and my brothers, I can beat the bandit until I finally reach my destination. And it’s possible because I know what the struggle is like. I will kick the shit out of the bandit, pummel his face, and spit on him as he lay bleeding. And if he tries to rise up, or if I begin to be compromised, I know there’s an army of people just like me…right behind me who will stomp his bitch ass down again.

You see, we like to see nicotine as a bitch. But I also like to picture (cue Talladega Nights dinner conversation)…I also like to picture nicotine as a bandit, trying to disrupt our journey to a beautiful and peaceful place. I like to picture nicotine as a thief trying to disrupt the highway to good relationships and a normal life. I see nicotine as a bandit trying to steal our senses of self-worth.

Dipping, and succumbing to that bandit’s tactics, was a lifestyle and controlled everything. Our routines. Our relationships. Our self-images. Oh how it feels good to be free gentleman!!!
I am still an addict. And always will be an addict. But if I must be an addict for the rest of my life, I find it a privilege to be so with the likes of rgross, Zam, Grizzly25, rangy96, Andy, the_beck, Bretn, murphy, Stillkatn, Jameso, and all the other badasses who comprise the BOMB. We are bad motherfuckers. And the moment we forget that is the moment that the bitch takes back hold of us.

You all are gentlemen and scholars. And I look forward to reaching the 2nd floor, and many floors beyond that with all of you. Stay quit, my friends.

And to the nic bitch (maybe NSFW without headphones): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AADXGJE7hEM

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jonathanrivers

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