2013 Smokeless Summit

The KillTheCan.org Booth at the 2013 Smokeless Summit

As you may have read over on the KillTheCan.org blog this morning, site moderators wastepanel and kdip are attending the 7th National Spit Tobacco Summit this week in Missoula, Montana.

kdip was nice enough to send along this picture of the KillTheCan.org booth on the Summit floor:

The KillTheCan.org Booth At The Summit
The KillTheCan.org Booth At The Summit

He assured me that we’d get many more photos as the week goes on.

Additionally, wastepanel stopped by the forums this morning and dropped off this note:

Good morning KTC!

“KDip and I have just finished setting up the booth for today’s Summit. There’s already quite a few people here. Smokey Mountain Snuff, Jake’s Mint Snuff, and Nip the Grip have been very generous and sent out many free samples of their products. Breakfast looks good, and opening ceremonies begin at 8:30 am. We are both very excited to represent the KTC here.

Please stop by chat today. We should be in and out today and would love to say hi!”

Stay tuned for more from the Spit Summit!

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