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Jakes Mint ChewJake’s Mint Chew Holiday Flavor Pack!

Jake’s is back at it again with their limited time only Holiday Flavor Pack which contains two NEW flavors: Gingerbread and Eggnog! These flavors will only be available until the New Years so if you like what you read below head on over to their site and snag them quickly.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Seasonal Offerings – Pumpkin & Bacon!

MORE seasonal flavors that will be available for a limited time from Jake’s. Get ready for it… Pumpkin and Bacon! If I’m counting right I think these two new flavors put them at a DOZEN flavors available.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Cinnamon Pouches

I was a bit skeptical when I popped this one in but that quickly went out the window. I’m still not a huge fan of cinnamon as a flavor but these pouches are outstanding. Outstanding smell upon opening the can and you could tell at first glance that the moisture issues that were present with the first version of their pouches has been addressed – these are MOIST. 

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Jake’s Mint Chew Pouches

The pouches, available in Straight Mint, Wintergreen and Natural Spearmint, are available on the Jake’s Mint Chew website. Each tin contains approximately 20-22 pouches (.40 ounces).

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Jake’s Mint Chew

A few weeks back I ran across a new smokeless alternative called Jake’s Mint Chew.  I reached out to the folks at Jake’s and they were gracious enough to get me some samples so I could give some product reviews.  With that said… here goes!

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Jake’s Mint Chew Apple Spice

I’m not typically a fan of flavored dip products and that’s especially true when it comes to apple flavored products. There has only been one apple product that I can recall and it wasn’t great. This is a HUGE step up and actually smells and tastes like apple. If I’m putting this on the apple scale from that sour Granny Smith and that super sweet Red Delicious I’d say it’s definitely toward the Granny Smith side of things but without sourness. I’m dating myself a bit, but this really reminds me of Apple Jolly Ranchers.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Blackberry

This stuff smells AMAZING! Even before I cracked open the can, I could tell I was in for something special. The tin is packed… and I mean… PACKED tight. There’s no need (or ability for that matter) for additional packing prior to popping one in for the first time. I can remember back in my dipping days when I’d get a can of Kodiak / Skoal that seemed damn near 3/4 full once I packed it. Definitely not the case here.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Brandy

Our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew have done it again!  I’m thrilled to announce their newest flavor offering known simply as Brandy!  This new Brandy flavor is the first “seasonal” flavor from Jake’s and will be available now through the 1st of the year.  It is now available as a single case or as a “Mix & Match” flavor included in their variety packs.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Cherry

As I said in a recent post, Jake’s Mint Chew has introduced a new Cherry flavor of their product.  As I said in my initial Jake’s Review, I’ve never been a huge fan of “flavored” chews.  This is ironic seeing as I did have a 2 year stint as a Cherry Skoal guy but toward the end of my dipping “career” I couldn’t even stand the smell of a flavored dip… let alone cherry.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Cranberry

As I said in a recent post, Jake’s Mint Chew has recently introduced a new Cranberry flavor of their product.  Honestly I was a bit worried about this flavor as I’m not a huge fan of “flavored” chews, and my love for cranberry is limited to my once-a-year dip into the Thanksgiving cranberry jelly that comes out of a can in a big lump.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Kola

As we announced previously there are some big new things going on with our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew.  They recently received their USDA Organic Certification and just recently they’ve released their newest flavor – Kola.

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Jake’s Mint Chew Kola Re-Review

I recently wrote a review of the newest flavor from Jake’s Mint Chew called Kola.  I’ve received some feedback on that review that possibly my taste buds were off (which is entirely possible). So, I reached out to Jake’s and got a couple of additional cans for a re-review.

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RatedRKO16 says…

It’s drier than the other herbal chews out there. I’m comparing it to Smokey Mountain since most have tried that. Doesn’t have the cayenne pepper or guarana, still has a little tingle in the lip though. No need to pack, its very easy to get a pinch. NO MESS AT ALL which is a big plus as the others are sticky.

The feeling in the lip is perfect, doesn’t fall apart (I’m on 30 min. right now with the same dip, stays together better than the real thing). There is only a *hint* of wintergreen flavor which is the biggest downfall. Smokey Mountain has it beat on taste but it still doesn’t have a *bad* taste either. It’s just not as good as Smokey Mountain in this 1 area.

For me, this is a 9/10. Only thing that would make it a 10 would be taking Smokey Mountain’s flavor.

Wintergreen – slight taste of wintergreen, can taste mint after a little while.
Cherry – can taste slight bit of cherry but like most fruity gums, it runs out of flavor FAST then it has no taste. Don’t recommend this one.
Cinnamon – this is for the people that love the burn/tingle feel!! It tastes like a stick of big red but not quite as strong… the burn is the same but feels like tobacco. I also like it because it doesn’t make me want the real thing at all. One person said they couldn’t chew this because it was too close to the same well, I dont recall a cinnamon chew so this would be one I’d recommend…for everyone.

I have “Licorice”, “Mint Straight”, and “Spearmint” to try as well. I’ll give flavor reviews for them after I try them.

jimmykeeper says…

Tried the Jake’s Cherry Chew and as a former Skoal Cherry user, I must say this stuff was pretty good.

I am still not a huge fan of the consistency of the Jake’s cut, as it is very bulkie and doesn’t pack as nicely as Hooch or SMC, but flavor wise the cherry tasted pretty good and Chewie’s “Wild Cherry” Lifesavers analogy from his review is accurate.

I still give the edge to Hooch Cherry over Jake’s Cherry (SMC makes a cherry as well but it is ridiculously sweet and not great), only because Hooch packs much better.

However, if curious, especially if you are a former fruity/cherry flavor dipper, then this stuff is worth checking out.

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  1. Jakes Mint Chew has a nice consistency, packs like tobacco and all which is nice. However, I could not get past a pretty strong “chemical” like taste that was in each of the four different flavors that I tried. (Spearmint, Kola, Licorice, Apple-Spice). I’m not sure how else to describe the taste, maybe someone else has a similar opinion or is it just me?

  2. We needs this product in India the world largest consumer market. Really it is the best alternative ever since if so available in India. No best alternative available in India.

  3. Dipped Kodiak Wintergreen for 15yrs. I had to put my foot down and new that there was a healthy alternative. I ordered 12 cans of Jakes Mint Chew wintergreen and absolutely love it. I wish that the wintergreen flavor was stronger but thats my only complaint. Other than that, great product ! I back Jakes all day !

  4. Just wanted to mention that all of their flavors are also sodium free which is a very big deal for some people like me. That’s another huge reason to try Jake’s.

  5. I’ve finally tries all of them. I would have to say that I am a fan of the Mint based fake chews. There are a few of them out there. Out of the 10 flavors I tried, I would say that Cranberry was probably the best one. It’s not real messy either like the others. Quite a bit drier than the other fake brands too. But, to be fair, it did seem that after a little while in the lip, the juice started flowing. So..it wasn’t that bad.
    Overall, to me, that’s tried about all of them out here on the site…I’d give it a C+
    It is MUCH better than say the Mint Snuff, but not a moist or flavorful as some of the other Mint based fake chews. I probably wouldn’t buy it again unless my choices were it and the Oregon Mint Snuff.

  6. My order of Jake’s Mint Chew (licorice flavored) arrived today and I’m so happy I ordered 10 cans. When I first tried it (earlier today), I thought it was just okay. The reason why I didn’t think it was great was because I wasn’t chewing it! I’ve never used chewing tobacco (like Red Man) before, mostly just dip and snus. I even had to look up online how to use it! So you grind it with your teeth a bit before using it like dip. After trying that with Jake’s Mint Chew, I’m a big fan. My reason for choosing licorice was because I once ordered some Swedish snus that was licorice flavored and loved it. I am so please with this quality product. Highly Recommended!

  7. I started dipping at 16, quit, and then had been an on again/off again user of Skoal Long Cut for 25 years. Now, I’m 42. I switched from long cut to pouches about 4 years ago, but Skoal is still poison.

    I heard the adds for Jake’s over the WFAN airwaves in New York, thought about it but never ordered. Then, two months ago I saw it for the first time at a gas station in CT. Tried it and have since ordered 4 cases. I takes some getting used. The first 10 days were a B!T@H but I got through it.

    What I like about it is that it doesn’t create globs of saliva.There’s no need to spit. I wouldn’t say it’s completely dry but I no longer have to spit every two minutes. I think it also limits tooth staining if packed correctly.

    What I don’t like about it is that it’s messy. It’s even messier to remove. You can’t just spit it out, but need to spit, rinse, and then rinse and gargle again & again.

    ATTN Jakes…I think a pouches version would work GREAT!

    I’ve made my share of mistakes, but if I can avoid CANCER at age 43+ I am all for Jakes and they now have a customer for life

    1. Ive been chewing grizz, skoal and bobby for about 4 years now. Ive been wanting to quit for a while so i just bought jakes mint chew. Honestly i hate it, its dry and theres no flavour. Also its a huge mess to pack it and even worse when you take it out. Its like fine cut!! But i gotta quit so try jakes, its shit but it will help you quit.

  8. Any suggestions on a replacement for Stokers long cut mint? Good, moist chew with a flavor that lasts for hours.

  9. Hey chewie how can I get some samples of these and others on the site I’ve tried sec but with no bite all I want is a dip

    1. Hey Andrew – I’d suggest you reach out to the vendors individually. I know several of them offer free or discounted samples to try their products.

  10. Just got a sample pack, NASTY is all I have to say. You can’t flavor mint and make it taste like anything but mint. Save your money

  11. I got my mine and love it. I got wintergreen chewed Copenhagen wintergreen longcut for years Stuffs not bad at all it has kept me contempt for 30 hrs.

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