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Jake’s Mint Chew Cherry Pouches Review

Jake's Mint Chew Cherry PouchesThis is an incredibly long overdue review. If I’m being honest I thought I’d posted it long ago but as I went through my product reviews the other day I realized it was missing.

If you’re a long time reader of the site you know that the folks from Jake’s Mint Chew have a SLEW of products on the market. If I go back through all of the Jake’s content on the site here I’ll see entries from as far back as 2010. That sort of longevity in the alternative market is nothing to shake a stick at. Back in 2011 I reviewed their Cherry flavor and I’m back today to review their Jake’s Mint Chew Cherry Pouches!

As I’ve been saying for the past several years I really love pouch products. They make for super easy cleanup whether you’re spitting or not. For the record you don’t NEED to spit with Jake’s products but you certainly can if you want to as they produce more than enough saliva.

As I said in my initial Cherry review, this version of cherry most closely resembles Wild Cherry Life Savers which were a childhood favorite of mine. As always I test using TWO pouches which seems about right to me. If I’m being honest I’m not sure I’d get enough ‘flavor’ if I was only using one but that’s really a personal preference. I always used to have a pretty large dip of Kodiak (maybe 6 dips out of a can) just for some context.

When I wasn’t chewing Wintergreen Kodiak I was a Skoal Cherry guy. This doesn’t taste like that – it’s not as ‘deep’ of a cherry flavor – but it’s a good substitute. As we’re smack dab in the middle of fall and seasonal triggers this has been really nice as I work in the yard, do fall cleanup, etc.

Jake’s Mint Chew Cherry Pouches Ingredients

organic mint, glycerin, organic vegetable oil, organic and natural flavors, water, xylitol, organic gum acacia, citric acid

Cherry Pouches are currently available for purchase on their website. You can’t get single cans of Jake’s any longer – you’ll need to get a 10 tin pack of Cherry or you can do a mix and match with another flavor. A single can of Cherry also comes in their sample pack. Jake’s Mint Chew can be found on the web at

Special thanks to Adam and Jake for providing samples for me to try and review.

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Have you tried Jake’s Mint Chew Cherry Pouches? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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