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Jake’s Mint Chew Seasonal Offerings – Pumpkin and Bacon!

Jake Pumpkin BaconI posted my first review of products from Jake’s Mint Chew over eight years ago. Since that initial review all those years ago I think it’s fair to say that no alternative manufacturer has worked harder to introduce new products and flavors with more regularity than the folks at Jake’s. They’re back at it again with yet MORE seasonal flavors that will be available for a limited time. Get ready for it… Pumpkin and Bacon! If I’m counting right I think these two new flavors put them at a DOZEN flavors available.

Whether you’re a flavored chew fan or not (I never really was) you’ve got to give HUGE props to the guys at Jake’s for their continued innovation in the space. Well done gentlemen!

But without further build up… here’s my initial thoughts on Pumpkin and Bacon.

Jake’s Mint Pumpkin Pouches Review

I’ll be honest. This one sort of scared me. Yes… I’m talking about the Pumpkin. You can place me firmly in the camp that believes the ‘pumpkin spice’ trend has WAY overstayed its welcome. I’m good for about a half a pumpkin beer per season before I get sick of them. That said, this was actually a really enjoyable chew. The pumpkin (and spice) flavoring is there but it’s not overbearing which is a really good thing in my book. I’m a big fan of pouches these days as they give me the satisfaction of packing a chew without the cleanup. As with all Jake’s products these produce a good amount of dark brown spit (if you choose to spit). There is still an overwhelming taste of mint here even with the overtones of pumpkin.

If you’ve read my reviews in the past you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the ‘use by’ date on the cans. The sticker is present here which I really appreciate. Not sure what the shelf life of Jake’s products is but the cans I have are good for nearly another year from today according to the sticker. Overall this is a nice chew. If you’re a Jake’s fan this one is worth picking up. I can’t think of another pumpkin flavored alternative out there so this one checks the boxes for ‘first’ as well as ‘novelty’.

Jake’s Mint Bacon Pouches Review

Speaking of novelty. Bacon is here and if it were up to me it would be here to stay. If I was worried about pumpkin I was worried about bacon but for entirely different reasons. I LOVE bacon so I was worried that a bacon flavored chew (also the first on the market I believe) wouldn’t do it justice. What has occurred is, I believe, a nice little mistake.

This was meant to be a stocking stuffer type product. A novelty if you will, for long time Jake’s fans. What they’ve got though is something that works remarkably well. You still get mint flavors come through as you do with all Jake’s product but the bacon flavoring plays off it in a really nice way. It actually gives you that warm, rich, ‘smokey’ flavor that products like Red Man Golden Blend have.

The ingredients list from the can is the same on both flavors: organic mint, glycerin, organic vegetable oil, organic and natural flavors, water, xylitol, organic gum acacia, citric acid.

Special thanks to Adam and Jake for providing samples for me to try and review.  Don’t forget to check out our other smokeless alternative reviews (including reviews of other Jake’s products).

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Have you tried Jake’s Mint Chew Pumpkin and Bacon Pouches?  Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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