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Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew Pouches Review

Jake's Mint Chew Bold Brew 2From the “I didn’t see this coming” file comes a brand new product from Jake’s Mint Chew. The fact that Jake’s is rolling out a new product isn’t news. They’ve got a TON of flavors and are always innovating with new seasonal products. What IS news is the fact that for the first time, this product does NOT contain mint. It’s coffee ladies and gentlemen and just as the name says, it’s BOLD.

Introducing Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew.

Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew Story

Here’s a bit of the Bold Brew story I took from the JMC website:

Jake’s Mint Chew’s mission is to create quality, all-natural, American made (by us, no outsourcing!) products to help people quit dipping tobacco. However, we have come to realize that many people want a product that is not made of mint; a product that also offers energy. A coffee based product was the answer. Our production manager, Nick, knew of a 3rd generation coffee roaster in our home state of Massachusetts.

So, this is what we are using in our new Jake’s Bold Brew Pouches. People love our mint pouches. Now it’s time for others to love our coffee pouches. Don’t let our name fool you. Jake’s Mint Chew’s Bold Brew Pouches ARE coffee. This is a totally new product that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew Pouches Review

Here’s the thing. As I said in the intro this is, for the first time, a product that’s NOT made out of mint. It’s coffee. It smells like coffee and it tastes like coffee. If you don’t like coffee you’re not going to like these no matter how much you love the rest of the Jake’s Mint Chew offerings. That said, if you’re a fan of coffee these may be right up your ally.

Bold is the perfect name for these. The coffee flavor is deep, rich and bold. The folks who roasted the beans clearly know what they’re doing. The best way I can describe is would be the dark roast from Panera Bread or perhaps the dark roast from Starbucks but JUST before they burn it the way they always do.

The comparisons to other coffee based pouch products are natural but I’m writing this review not comparing it to other products. It’s a coffee product so you don’t need to spit if you don’t want to. If you choose to you’ll get quite a bit of dark brown. I popped in two pouches which gave a nice big flavor profile. Flavor lasted quite some time which I appreciate. I will say that these coffee pouches are a bit “harsher” than other JMC pouches. I can only assume that’s because there’s coffee grounds inside the pouches as opposed to the softer mint.

ED NOTE: Got a note from the folks at Jake’s. These actually do contain 20% mint for texture only. 80% is roasted coffee grinds. But they will not taste the mint. 

Overall these are really, really good. I’m a big coffee fan (even though I’m down to only a couple of cups per day) and I can see myself going back to these. I said it in my previous Jake’s review and I’ll say it again here: You’ve got to applaud the folks at Jake’s for continuing to innovate. Well done folks!

Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew Ingredients

coffee, organic sunflower oil, organic and natural flavors, glycerin, mentha spicata, xylitol

Bold Brew Pouches are currently available for purchase on their website. Unlike the last few reviews I’d done from Jake’s these do not appear to be limited time or seasonal offerings. If you’re a coffee fan give them a shot! Jake’s Mint Chew can be found on the web at

Special thanks to Adam and Jake for providing samples for me to try and review.  Don’t forget to check out our other smokeless alternative reviews (including reviews of other Jake’s products).

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Have you tried Jake’s Mint Chew Bold Brew? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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