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100 Days and Counting for SixString

KTC Why Are We HereWhen you really think about it. A lot of members on this site can agree that we just start hating the idea of nicotine and chew. We have this story and that story, we have the flushes, and the thrown away. Some travel the hours on the road, while others do it in the air.We have the AM’s and the Pm’s. We got the farmers to the lawyers. and everything in between. Except maybe a ventriloquist.. actually if there is a ventriloquist on this site.. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU. We have every story imaginable of everyday people stomping down nicotine and burying that Bitch 30 feet deep and doing it all again the next day. Me personally I reenact the scene from Inglorious Basterds. Where I put a pillow over nicotine’s head and just keep stabbing her. Pull out some old wrestling moves drop kick her in the throat. As all of this is going on all I can hear is Dave’s voice in my head yelling ODAAT! ODAAT! ODAAT!(The last part was an inside Joke. Shout Out to my Live Chat Squad #BRING_LIVE_CHAT_BACK_TO_THE_GLORY_DAYS #MOANS). Anyway I totally got off the subject here my bad. But what I’m trying to get at is that there are so many inspirational stories and quotes that can truly motivate you to want to stay quit. Some of the members might become your heroes. Some might be the ones who talk you off the cliff. Some of them you probably have your inspirational quotes dedicated to. Some of them go thousands of days quit and have come back to post their Day 1…What? It still trips me out to think about that. It wasn’t even up until a few days ago I asked How could we be so crazy for Nicotine. The response..”Hundreds of millions of dollarZ went into engineering the perfect addictive composition”… CRAZY.

Writing about my 100 days was a good experience to think about. I definitely have had an adventure on KTC. I tried a little bit of everything to see what would stick(lol). I’m a big fan of Votexs so please tag me if you want some of my love. There are a bunch of different type of kool aid drinkers.. I prefer that my squad bathes in it. Would you believe me that some members and I just call each other and make war noises? My group knows me VERY well. A lot of you have had a SPICY conversation with me. If you happen to be an old man you most likely have seen nudes of me. I talk loud and sometimes my words don’t make sense. But I do know one thing. I’m still QUIT. KTC gave me the opportunity to explore everything I could imagine.(except for a ventriloquist and a clown)But Damn there was enough to make up for that. There have been many days of all types of emotions. Some days it was just struggle to breathe. Some days I’m as happy as a gummie bear. (The Quitting Pendulum look it up). I spent many days reading the history of KTC. I have been blessed that a lot of quitters took me under their wing. No matter how awkward or weird the request I had, someone always pointed me to a direction I can get answers from. I don’t consider myself some quit master. I’m just doing what KTC said they can provide. and that is using its resources and sucking it dry. Do what I have to do to stay QUIT.

There are many members and posts I would like to say thanks to…THANK YOU. But I want to thank live chat the most. Some of you have probably stopped by chat and not soul was around. That is not always the case. I found chat around my 20s count. At day 67 I told myself I would spend everyday in the chat and see what happens. What I wasn’t expecting was how alive the chat really is. The chat truly distracted me that I had a nicotine addiction. I mean I would spend hours in there just laughing and chatting. I met old school quitters and new school quitters. I met people who were looking for a reason to quit. I have met the trolls and the banned ones. The live chat is where its at. There is no better feeling than helping a lost soul find its way into staying quit. I would like to take this time to ask whoever reads this to come stop by chat sometime. Even if there is no one there. Leave your quit day number, leave a little wisdom for anyone else to read. The live chat used to be a place where a lot of quitters would go to to relieve stress. A lot of quitters found a great foundation in being quit from live chat. I hear about the glory days that it used to be. I want to do everything I can to bring that back. I know times are different and communication has changed. But making live chat a thing again will only bring positives for the site. Seriously though if you ever catch yourself being bored, or thinking “Ok I posted… Now what?” Come through on the live chat we can help you out.

WUPP EDD. It really is that simple. Serious Quit is the only quit. Take time and make an effort to your quit. Take what you need and leave the rest. Nicotine is an evil drug. I used to justify that I wasn’t an addict all the time. I really made myself believe I didn’t have problem. Sometimes I would go 8 hours without a pinch. And I would reward myself by stuffing half a can down my mouth. Out of everything I try to do to stay quit. KTC is doing wonders. I feel better simply because I dont have to worry about a 24 hour around the clock care for a dead plant. A dead plant whose goal is to make my lower jaw disappear. I’m never going back because the torture and the hell was exactly that. Torture and hell. My name is Sixstring and I’m an ADDICT and I am always going to be an ADDICT. I am going to keep posting my promise everyday because it really starts me off on the right foot. I am going to keep doing me, because why not?? I’m FABULOUS

So here is to 100 days with you all. Seriously thank you for putting up with me.

Also forming bonds really help strengthen your quit. Some of you and I have become really great friends. A lot of you caught something from me. (My Bad). But I really do love y’all. KTC is my home and you guys and gals are my family. I will be sending everyone special texts throughout the day. Shout out to the 3some 3fun trio. I love you guys, here is to you for being some sexy ass Quitters. You took a chance on trusting me. Seeing you grow as quitters makes me hella proud.  Damn proud to be QUIT with all of you today.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SixString

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