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One thousand days – almost doesn’t seem real. August 10, 2016 I made my first entry into the KTC-verse with a statement that probably sounds pretty familiar to everyone here. “Hi all. Tried quitting a bunch of times before…” and that was true. I had tried to quit a bunch of times before. I had also failed a bunch of times before. That was the thing that set me on my search for help and eventually got me to KTC. I had a plan to start quitting in a couple days. I was ready…but not quite. Then, after some prodding from some other quitters, I posted my day one.

Those early days were tough – painful even – and I wanted to give in so so so so badly…and I would have if I was on my own. Thing is though, this time I wasn’t. This time I had people holding me accountable, people supporting me, people berating my weakness, all kinds of people keeping my focus on staying quit for the day. So, I quit. I quit hard and I quit hard again the next day, the next day, the next day, and each day since. I’ve wanted to bail, wanted to give in, sometimes even really thought about it – but I’ve made the choice to quit each day since day one and that has worked.

I hoped that I would have a nugget of wisdom, a kernel of truth that would show any early quitter that these big numbers don’t mean anything except that I started my day one a little sooner than you did. Something that would pull someone struggling through their day. Something that really felt relevant, important, and worthwhile…but, I don’t. The real, honest to God truth is that if you choose to quit today and don’t let go of that choice – YOU WILL SUCCEED. It’s hard sometimes. It’s not quite as hard other times. Sometimes it’s frustrating, boring, sad, joyous, a real damn struggle, but no matter what as long as you keep making your choice – you’ll stay quit. Dig in. Get some friends who will help support you. Quit on.

Today I choose again to quit and I am grateful for that and for the people who have become a part of my life to help me stay that way.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Miker0351

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