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100 Days of Freedom – Kodiakdeath HOF

DoneLike many here I made the stupid decision to use tobacco at a young age (14) because I thought it was cool. I tried to quit a couple of times in my 20s, using nic gum, even cigarettes, and always fell back to the kodiak. At some point I kind of gave up and decided I would quit “later”. Well, later never came, and went through 1-2 cans a day for 34 years.

I have:

  • Drank my own chew spit by accident countless times. Thankfully never someone else’s, but I can’t say that for my unfortunate friends.
  • Been stopped at a foreign airport because of the excessive amount of tobacco in my luggage, taxed/fined and embarrassed.
  • Another thousand examples of stupid things I’ve done in life, directly related to tobacco use.
  • Missed a lot of quality time over the years with my friends and family, prioritizing my nicotine addiction over them.

I am done with nicotine, one day at a time, forever.

For those of you reading this who are not yet quit, are older like me and have chewed/dipped for a long time, I know how hard it is. It just seems impossible. I’m telling you that if you are truly DONE, join this site now, quit today, post roll today. The system works. I was so confused and foggy at first. Roll, what’s that? People want my phone number?! Fuck that! Slowly I understood how and why KTC works. If you are an honorable person with integrity and dedication and you truly hate nicotine, I 100% guarantee you will quit if you embrace the tools and system of KTC. Read as much as you can about nicotine, addiction, and other peoples’ struggles. Get as involved as you can, get as many digits as you can, and get nicotine the fuck out of your life.

Freedom feels better every day. I know I have a long way to go after drowning my brain in chew spit for so long, and 100 days is nothing, but I feel so much better than I did 100 days ago. I just wish I found KTC sooner.

If you need any more motivation I suggest reading this from BrianG’s intro the other day – it struck a chord with me: http://forum.killthecan.org/single/?p=12504380&t=30136408

Mike2017a (Mike) – we have texted every morning since the beginning of my quit and your support has been tremendous. Thank you brother!

Skolvkings (Bryce) – You are funny as hell and a great friend. Your quit energy level is off the charts, enough to spread it around and help so many others. Thank you for the laughs, support, and brotherly love – you are the Luke Skywalker of Quit.

Athan – you are one righteous quit brother, a rock, a poet, and a friend. I don’t know how you keep up with so many groups and quitters! You are the Obi Wan Kenobi of Quit and I love you, bye!

Worktowin (Michael) – your words of support carry so much confidence and wisdom. From the beginning I knew if you were by my side I could not fail. You are the Yoda of Quit and I appreciate your support so much.

Locrius (Dan) and FlyFisher (Bryce) – thanks for all the help and teamwork keeping June running strong.

Jackhammers of June – a incredible group of quit warriors, thank you brothers. Less than half of us survived. We are the rag-tag fugitive fleet, but we are not alone in our quest.

And thanks to all the admins, mods, conductors, and everyone else at KTC. It’s an amazing place with great people saving lives every day. Onward to 200, 300, and beyond. 

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kodiakdeath

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