I Tried Quitting For Many Years

You Can Do follower Anthony reached out with this testimonial that I wanted to share:

I tried quitting for many years. Lots of time I failed because of stress or an argument with my ex wife about seeing my kids. I take full responsibility for that, but as I write this I have been quit for 230 days. I still struggle with the idea of dipping and hell just the smell brings me to the edge. Yet I reminded myself of why I started this journey 4 years ago to be a role model for my sons and daughter and to be there every step of the way! To anyone who is trying to quit everyone as their own way to quit. I tried other peoples suggestions but it did not work. I became so focused on work and did not give myself the opportunity to think about needing a dip. I dipped a can a day for 12 years if I can quit so can you!!!

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