5 Reasons to Quit Smoking When You Are in College

The percentage of active smokers among college students is low. That said, there really is no acceptable ratio of learners who consume tobacco daily and there is no safe number of cigarettes that can be smoked. Smoking has no benefits and harms the lives of undergraduates. If you’re one of those who consume tobacco regularly, you probably already know the drawbacks of this addiction. If you ARE okay with inhaling poisonous smoke into your lungs, you should at least explore the top reasons to quit smoking below.

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Keep Your Body Healthy

The foremost reason you need to quit smoking immediately is the negative impact of cigarettes on your health. It is an undeniable fact that non-smokers have a longer life span. Additionally they are healthier and typically achieve better results in athletics. Since most students are younger and don’t have a long history with smoking they can quickly get rid of this addiction. Their bodies will be able to repair themselves and fix all the harm caused by cigarettes. Additionally, the risk of diseases like lungs, throat, and gum cancer decreases significantly after quitting smoking.

Save Money

Everyone knows that regular smoking is costly. They need to invest in packages of cigarettes daily. Since they are addicted, students will prioritize tobacco smoking because it’s one of their primary needs. Even if they read do my essay reviews to learn more about services for getting help online, they will likely never order an assignment online due to tight budgets. They cannot afford to spend money on professional writing help yet they always have the ability to buy a pack of cigarettes. Since one pack can cost up to $10 (or more in some areas), a typical smoker can save more than $3,500 a year. This is money that can help pay off college debt faster, purchasing top-grade tech or even a car.

Improve Quality of Life

The primary sign that defines a smoker is the terrible smell. No cologne or perfume can cover it. The clothes and skin of those people always have the smell of tobacco. However, smokers don’t notice it because quite frankly the receptors in their nose start working badly. THEY CAN’T SMELL. Those who consume tobacco for a long time may have wrinkles, stained teeth, and dull skin. When you quit smoking, within a week or so, you will be able to once again smell perfumes, flowers, etc. You will have a better night’s sleep, get rid of your cough, and have more energy. Additionally, you will stop wasting your time exploring the justdomyessay reviews to avoid poor-quality services that can help get your assignments done upon a deadline. You will have plenty of energy to tackle your college tasks by yourself.

Bring More Convenience

Smoking isn’t convenient. In most places it’s prohibited to smoke indoors. Students tend to stop what they’re doing and go outside to have a cigarette. Is the weather is scorching or freezing? Doesn’t matter… you always need to spend a few minutes outdoors. Rainy or windy? Doesn’t matter… get your fix.

You can’t smoke in planes so that a long flight can become a nightmare. When you watch a movie in a theater, are you missing some interesting moments by going out to have a cigarette for a few minutes? Governments continue to fight smokers by creating laws that make the lives of people addicted to tobacco consumption even more inconvenient. Bottom line… Non-smokers have more convenient lives.

Care About Your Friends and Family

Even when students light cigarettes alone, they negatively affect the lives of their friends and families. Everyone who spends a lot of time with people who consume tobacco become secondhand smokers. Non-smoking friends and family members constantly deal with the smell of tobacco. In some cases, it can cause allergic reactions. When you light cigarettes near other people, the fumes also come into their lungs, even if you all are outside. Secondhand smokers can do damage to their health by inhaling smoke without lighting cigarettes. And we all know that cigarette smoke is very dangerous for pregnant women and people who have any problems with the respiratory system.

Helpful Tip to Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are addictive, it may be quite hard to quit smoking even if you have a strong desire to end up consuming tobacco daily. We’ll never tell you it’s easy. But it can be done… even as a college student. If you’re going through withdrawals when you stop smoking and can hardly concentrate on any task, don’t be shy about getting help with assignments. There are reputable services out there. It is recommended to examine the essay one day review so you don’t get cheated by a service that delivers poor-quality papers. You may also want to put a “No Smoking” sign in your room. It will remind YOU (and anyone that visits) that you have decided to quit. This subtle reminder may help you control the urge to light a cigarette. Finally, try to keep yourself busy to be distracted from the need to smoke.

Even though our site is called Kill The CAN we’ve helped THOUSANDS of smokers quit. What are you waiting for?

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