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A Hundred Days Later…

KTC Logo Sepia NewI’d planned on writing a speech that would likely have won the Nobel Prize for literature. It was gonna be long, tug at the heart strings, make folks laugh, get you to think and entertain us one and all. And, you’d all celebrate me as a hero for what I’d accomplished.

However a few weeks into my quit it became easier. I’d read intros and see the new quitters come along and realize those individuals were heroic in embracing the battle on grounds I’d already fought on and moved on from. I remember those horrible days in my quit but almost in a third person way as I feel a disconnect from that now. There is nothing heroic about taking my quit from day 99 to day 100 the real battlers and fighters are those fighting on day 1 knowing that day 2 or day 3 may be even worse. It’s hard work, and not for those that lack courage and willpower. Just take a look at the number of posters on this site with 1 post. Those folks showed up and wanted to win the battle with nicotine but gave up like I did many times…it’s sad. But there are the brave folks right now here fighting in week 1 that won’t and they’ll try to embrace every other quitter that comes along to find that victory together. That is awesome, inspiring and heroic!

Day 100 is just another day. I’m glad I’ve hit it. I’m glad that my selfish days of dipping are over. I’m glad my lying and sneaking around for my fix is over. I’m glad I have this website and all the other quitters to help me along the way.

Another reason I didn’t need to retell my story is that I’ve read it many times on here. I thought I was alone for years as a slave to that bear. I thought I was the only closet dipper. I thought I was the only guy that worried about walking my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day knowing that everyone was gonna be looking not at her but at her dad with half a face. I read the top 100 benefits of quitting and just laugh because I’m not alone in those feelings–I’m not alone!

I’m not alone, and if you’re here trying to find the courage and motivation to quit/stay quit you’re not alone either. Thanks to those of you and the quit path for encouraging me to stay strong. Thanks to those of you behind me on the quit path motivating me to stay quit and keep leading the way.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jaygib

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