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Celebrate Your Own Independence From Your Addiction

Celebrate Your Independence From Tobacco

Here is a little story you need to hear.

I quit on June 2nd, 2005. That made me a September 05 baby.

July 4th, 2005 was looming large on my radar because, you see it was the first long weekend and first vacation I’d have to endure without my companion of 20 years. I was to spend a whole week in Atlanta… going to Six Flags, ball games, water park, fireworks downtown…. whole nine yards. Yet I was scared to death. How in the hell can I tolerate my wife, kids, etc. etc. for SEVEN whole days without Copenhagen? Well… I did… and this 4th of July will make the 4th consecutive one I’ve managed to survive clean.

Celebrate Your Own Independence

What’s the point? The point is… you will all come to some forks in the road. One path is to freedom the other to hell. The problem is that from your vantage point… up close and personal on a new quit… they BOTH appear to be headed toward hell. You will indeed have to walk through the fire to claim the freedom you seek. Stay on the right path and do what is best for YOU. Not your family… not your friends… not your kids or your parents. You know what you need… all you have to do is have the balls to make the right decision at the forks.

Celebrate this weekend men. Celebrate your own independence from your addiction. It’s OK for it to scare the shit out of you… you’ll make it… if you want to.

Carry on

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member mule

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