Mission Statement – Why Are We Here

KTC Mission

This site and community are designed to help people quit using smokeless tobacco. This includes all brands & types of chew, dip, snuff & spit tobacco. We are here to make this incredibly difficult journey attainable for you. We understand how difficult it is and how difficult it will be. How do we know? Because we, like you, are addicts. We are not “former addicts”. We will always be addicts… now we are addicts who no longer chew tobacco.

We are here to provide a forum where your questions will get answered, where your fears will be dispelled, and your anxiety will be dissipated. We will offer any help that we can. We will help YOU quit the way you need to quit.

We realize that there are a variety of ways to be successful quitting chew. We will NOT tell you that one way is better than another, but we will tell you our experience and what has worked for us. We will also tell you when you are doing something counterproductive to your quit. This quit is for you and about you. We are simply here to aid you along your journey. If you need “tough love” we will give that. If you need encouragement we will give that. If you need to be scared into quitting we will do that.

Although this is a website dedicated to quitting smokeless tobacco, we understand our addiction centers around nicotine. Therefore the smoking of cigarettes, cigars or pipes or using snus is not acceptable to us during our smokeless tobacco quit.

We recognize that people need to be on this journey their own way. We also realize that TOGETHER we will all be more successful.


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