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Could This Be You? This is Nic Winning

ppolcyn avatarI don’t know who all reads my intro but hopefully after this post everyone will. Last night I spent my evening crashed in the waiting room for the ICU at southern Ohio medical center in Portsmouth, Ohio.

There was a fortyish woman crashed in there too. This morning we started talking a little and I found out her father is in really bad shape. I try not to be too nosy. She notices my jar of coffee and she sees my take a bite. She asked me why I was doing that. I told her that I recently gave up dipping snuff and that it helps me deal with it.

Immediately, she just breaks down. I am asking myself, “what the fuck did I do?”

After a few moments she composes herself and says “daddy’s in here because of that stuff”.

As we talk more, she tells me that her father has dipped for over fifty years and has cancer that has metastasized and spread throughout his body. She invited me in to see him and what I see is a skinny man who looks like he has been in a concentration camp. After a few minutes of being in there, I had to leave.

The shit just got real. I couldn’t take it. I saw myself on that hospital bed.

She said the doctor said he doesn’t have much time. So please pray for Missy and John

So although that was an extremely horrible situation, seeing John like that strengthened my quit one million fold.

To anyone who hasn’t quit yet, just imagine yourself laying in a hospital bed as a mere fraction of what you are now and nothing can really be done to save you. To know that it isn’t long until that awful ugly dirty fucking whore, the nic Bitch and her filthy fucking partner, US Tobacco takes your life away.

No fucking way. I have too much to live for!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ppolcyn

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