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Inspiring Documentaries on BBC iPlayer for Tobacco Quitting

Despite the importance of tobacco cessation and addiction recovery, not many documentaries are devoted to this topic. This makes this health journey even more valuable. We are not necessarily talking about motivational stories, but also documentaries offer a scientific approach to the problem and study the consequences of this addiction. Ultimately, everything is aimed at the understanding that smoking has no positive aspects. Any addiction can be overcome if you want it bad enough.

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The Man Who Wanted to ‘Cure’ Smoking

Allen Carr used to smoke a hundred cigarettes a day as a chain smoker until he quit in the early 1980s. He then developed his own method for quitting smoking and wrote “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking,” which quickly became an international best-seller. Having started with smoking cessation sessions in his home, he eventually established a company that now operates clinics in over 50 countries worldwide.

John Waite, a long-time smoker himself, explores how Carr invented his famous method and why it resonated with those attempting to quit smoking. He visits the Easyway organization’s clinic in London, where he meets a group of smokers determined to kick the habit by participating in an intensive all-day session.

In addition, John converses with leading experts on smoking cessation in the UK, examining Carr’s firm belief that nicotine products like patches and gum should not be used in the battle against tobacco addiction. He delves into Carr’s controversial perspective that a conspiracy exists, involving not only tobacco companies but also the government, media, and the medical profession, to keep people addicted to nicotine due to the immense revenues it generates.

Although The Man Who Wanted to ‘Cure’ Smoking is a powerful story from BBC Radio, it is not accessible to everyone. In particular, BBC iPlayer blocks most non-US users. If you want to bypass such restrictions, simply use a VPN for BBC iPlayer. With it, you can change your virtual location to the US and freely listen to or watch content on the BBC.

Finally, John interviews Allen Carr’s widow about her late husband’s genuine desire to eradicate smoking from the world. With tobacco usage at an all-time low, at least in the UK, he questions how close we are to realizing that goal.

How to Stop Smoking

The benefits of quitting are not only physical, psychological, and financial but also presented by Nick Rankin with contributions from psychotherapist David Brooks. All the inspirational documentaries on BBC iPlayer have their own way of persuading people to quit smoking and explore the effects of tobacco on the body, social well-being, and emotional well-being. If you’re interested in a quick summary of how the documentary supports tobacco quitting, here it is:

  • When it comes to quitting cigarettes, 50% of smokers experience a relapse within six months of abstaining. The documentary provides advice on how to maintain smoke-free status and handle relapses.
  • The film delves into strategies for breaking the smoking habit and changing the associations linked to it. Additionally, it’ll offer guidance on dealing with situations and locations tied to smoking. As you embark on this journey, remember to remove any reminders of smoking, such as ashtrays, to facilitate the quitting process.
  • The second stage of quitting smoking focuses on maintaining mental commitment. Various methods, like hypnotism, can help resist the urge to smoke. It’s recommended to quit smoking abruptly without gradual reduction. Take it day by day and avoid situations that may tempt you to smoke. Additional tips on preparing to quit include understanding the benefits of living smoke-free. In an interview, anti-smoking expert David Brooks shares insights on giving up cigarettes.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of illness and premature death in England, with cigarettes containing 4000 chemicals, including nicotine. You can find many more interesting studies around the world. Simply install VPN Chrome and unblock regional studies around the world. This way you will find hundreds of amazing facts about cigarettes.
  • The three stages of quitting smoking consist of preparation, cessation, and maintenance. This program explores the preparation phase and interviews smokers to understand the reasons behind their smoking habits. For listeners, an exercise is suggested: keeping track of the number of cigarettes smoked. Nicotine, a natural insecticide, accounts for 5 trillion cigarettes consumed worldwide annually.

Burning Desire: The Seduction of Smoking

Despite the countless health warnings and years of increasing government regulation, the tobacco industry maintains a strong hold on smokers worldwide. In this compelling journey, Peter Taylor explores Australia’s fight against plain packaging and gains rare access to the world’s second-largest tobacco company. He investigates why so many young individuals succumb to the allure of smoking every day.

While the tobacco industry invests significant resources in developing electronic or e-cigarettes, claiming them to be significantly safer than traditional cigarettes and capable of saving millions of lives, business remains unchanged in the developing world where 80% of smokers reside. Taylor travels to South America and East Timor, the country with the highest smoking rate among men globally, to determine whether the cigarette industry’s statements about not enticing young people to smoke can be trusted.


Smoking is harmful to your health and there are many reasons to stop doing it. Perhaps you need additional confirmation for this and find reasons for yourself to stop, then documentaries are exactly what you are looking for. Check out these documentaries and stay strong in your quest to quit using tobacco.

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