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Financial Benefits of Quitting Dip

KillTheCan FinancesWe all know that dip is expensive. We’ve got a counter on our home page that will keep track of not only your days quit but also how much money you’ve saved. Those calculators really show you just how much money you’ve saving when you quit dipping. You can even take these numbers and factor them into your usual monthly budget template to see where these savings might have helped in regards to your usual expenses.

Forum member Bronc stopped by the Facebook page today and dropped this nugget of quit wisdom as well:

Of the many benefits of being nicotine free, here’s one that adds another $100/month in savings on my health insurance. My employer, along with others now charges a $100/month premium if you use nicotine. They check this via a blood test once a year for Cotinine, which is elevated in the body with nicotine use. Add this to the $6.35/can, 5 cans/week, and that is a total of $227/month. $3924 total savings per year.

Invested, that would equal approx $58,000 in ten years.

If your health doesn’t matter to you – does money?

Just another reason to be a quitter.

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