Face To Face With An Old Friend: The Kodiak Bear

Kodiak WintergreenAs I said in a previous post, I had a big test this past weekend.  It was my brother’s bachelor party and we went off for a guys weekend of camping, canoeing, drinking and for some… dipping.  I’m writing this post this morning to let all the readers of this blog know that, in the words of Billy Murray –  “We came… we saw… we kicked it’s ass!”

Friday night we rolled into camp at around 10:30 PM and started the task of getting camp set up.  After a few minutes we busted into the beers, whiskey, etc.  I could smell it before I could see it in the darkness – Kodiak had also made its first appearance of the weekend.  Amazing how in the middle of the woods with the campfire blazing I could smell my old friend as soon as the lid was cracked.

My buddy threw me his can and I even opened it and took a whiff (not something that I suggest for a newbie).  I beamed with pride as I closed the can and tossed it back to him saying, “No thanks, I’m quit.”  And that was that.  No craves, no additional thoughts of dip (even as he continued to dip throughout the weekend).

While I was the only one there this weekend, KTC was definitely represented.  I spoke of the site and my friends often and I honestly believe that if I wasn’t there every day posting roll turning back the nic bitch would have been much more difficult.  Thanks to everyone for making it possible!

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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  1. Great Job. Today Marks 5 years quit for me. I quit the day after my Birthday, 5 years ago. We had people out last night, one had a can of grizzly. I was a Skoal guy, but to me, Grizzly smells exactly like Kodiak….nasty! I took a wiff, closed it. Nasty habit I used to be part of.
    Nice to read these winning stories!
    – JP

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