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Hey You!!!! – Yeah, I’m Talking To You

KillTheCan LogoHey you!!! Yeah, I’m talking to you, the stranger who just happened upon this site. You didn’t land here by accident. You’ve been doing some web searches on quitting tobacco and found this site. Maybe a friend told you about it or you saw a link somewhere. Seems interesting, huh? Let me have a few minutes of your valuable time…..please.

Imagine you’re going off to battle. This is a serious battle. The enemy is strong and devious. You are pumped. You are suited up with many weapons. You’ve been expecting this and preparing for this. You’ve even watch the famous speech that William Wallace gave before battle in the movie Braveheart. You’ve even got the war paint on your face and the look of a warrior in your eyse. Nothing can stop you now!!!

Now that you are pumped for battle and are ready as you’ve ever been, imagine these three scenarios:

Scenario 1
You run charging in to battle, yelling out your war cry, pounding your chest to scare the enemy. As you get closer to the enemy, you are more pumped and you know it can be defeated. With that, you begin fight the battle of your life. As the battle rages on, you begin to notice something odd. Where are your fellow warriors? Who’s got your back?

You keep fighting with all your might, but you are somehow weakening. The enemy is strong. The enemy is smart. It keeps attacking in all directions, when and where you least expect it. You don’t know how much longer you can hang on and fight this battle alone. Eventually, you fall to your knees from exhaustion and not knowing what to do and you give in to this brutal and ruthless enemy.

Scenario 2
You’ve learned your lesson from the battle(s) you’ve fought in the first scenario. How many has it been now? Too many to count and dwell on. You need to focus on gaining strength for the new battle plan. Where do you gain strength? In numbers. Yeah, that’s how you are going to win!!!

With renewed enthusiasm and vigor, you start recruiting. You will not face this battle alone, so you start recruiting your spouse, your parents, your children, all the family and friends you can think of. You let them know what battle you are facing and that you need all the support you can get because this is an evil, strong and ruthless enemy.

With your newly recruited army of family and friends, you are now stronger than ever and ready for battle. So, you suit up again, watch Braveheart a few more times, paint your face, go down the line and get back pats from everyone and run off to battle. This, my friend, is a very different battle. You have strength in numbers and that is the way to fight this, right?

You are feeling much stronger now, lasting longer in your battles, but somehow you are starting to weaken. What could possibly be wrong with all this support and help? As you weaken, you turn to look at your army. They are all enthusiastic. They are pulling for you, loving you, rooting you on. The problem here is that they don’t know the enemy. They’ve never seen it, so they don’t even know what it looks like. They love you and are well intentioned, but all they can do is cheer and watch you fall to defeat yet again, wondering why you are being defeated.

Scenario 3
You learn of some warriors that you never knew about before. These warriors have battle experience. They have fought this enemy and have won. There are many of them and the numbers are growing every day. They offer their expertise and experience to go in to battle with you. You accept and off you go. Immediately, you have a battle plan. You have tools for strategy. Your new battle warriors are watching on all four sides for the approaching enemy. From their experience, they know exactly how this enemy can attack and prepare you for it, even point the enemy out when it is unclear.

Even when the enemy tries to attack you at a weak spot, your battle warriors are there to reinforce your armor, help you pick up your weapons and carry you through the bloodiest of battles and eventually on to victory!!!


Chances are, you are here because of you’re dipping and wanting to get away from it. The evil enemy in your life is nicotine. Nicotine is not a habit, but an addiction. It has a hold on your life. You feel like a prisoner to it and can’t get away. As many times as you have tried to fight your nicotine addiction with scenarios 1 and 2, resulting in failure, won’t you please try scenario 3 for a change? It’s worked for me and many others. It can also work for you if you truly want to be released from the shackles and set free. I was a prisoner for over 30 years and I fought many losing battles until I found this site. Join this site today. Make a commitment to yourself, to your family, to us. If you truly want to fight off the enemy, we will have your back all the way.

Some may ask why I chose to write this as my HOF speech. I mean, this is a great achievement, so shouldn’t I toot my horn a little? You wouldn’t begin to believe the celebrating I am doing. I am a free man and plan on staying free. I will NEVER go back to being a prisoner. My victory is won! My number is counted against big tobacco and I plan on keeping it that way by staying here the rest of my life.

Now it’s no longer about me. It’s about every addict out there who is under the grip of that evil enemy we all know as nicotine. I wanted this to be about you. I stood by my word to myself and many others to stay quit. All the while, many people on this site stood by me, supported me and pointed out where the enemy was the entire way. There are so many people to list and thank, including all of my Sept 09 brothers and the many kick ass veterans on this site, but you know who you are and may God bless you for your dedication here. Now I plan to stand by my word to help anyone who wants to escape their imprisonment and will truly take it serious. Sign up and give us your word and we will push you and/or drag you, kicking and screaming all the way to the same place I am today. Trust me, this is a great place to be, it can definitely be done, so come on in and let’s get started together.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member flashman

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