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I Like Having a Face – I Am Dip Free and Will Stay That Way

Face Off Nicholas CageThis might be a little different from the rest but it’s mine so I’ll do what I like. I love my family, my Mom, Dad, brother and sisters. I love my wife, my son, my dog and all my extended family. I love looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing white teeth and a complete face. I don’t want cancer, I dont want gum disease. I want the teeth I have to stay put.

Chewing was fucking great, it relaxed me. It made me feel awesome. I looked fucking cool! There was nothing better than putting in a big fatty and squeezing the life out of it with my lip. It made work pass quicker. It mad fun things even more fun. It made shitty times better. I loved having a dip with my friends. Loved having a beer with my dip.

That’s what I brainwashed myself into thinking. It’s all bullshit! The only reason it made me feel good was because I was going through withdrawal. I was addicted. I was voluntarily killing myself every day. I was paying to kill myself at that!

I’ve now learned how to have a good time without dip, how to deal with shitty times without it. How to live my life everyday without dipping. Its fucking awesome. I love being quit. I love not worrying about chewing. Where can I spit, who is gonna see me, what are they going to think or say to me. What would I say back?

No one begged me to quit, no one gave me an ultimatum. No one really said shit about me chewing except Gross! One day I stumbled upon KTC. That changed my life. I saw all these other people going through the exact same thing as me. It was such a relief. I was happy and I signed up and pledged I would not chew. Here I am 101 days later and I’m still quit. Never thought I would do it, my friends didn’t think I would either. Good for them! I did it, and will continue to every day. Thank you everyone that reached out to me and responded when I reached out to them. If not for them, people I didn’t know, people I didn’t know what they looked liked, I would not have gotten this far.

Stay quit my friends, I thank you all who gave me support. I am dip free and will stay that way.

Andy Pittard

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member a11drewp

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