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Jake_M avatarHello, I am Jake_M and I am an addict…..I will always be an addict. There is no cure for addiction. Like EVERY addict there is nothing special about me. I am not a special butterfly. I will not use excuses to allow myself to believe that I am unique in my addiction. Addicts thrive on uniqueness. It lets them think it is okay for them to stay addicted because their situation is different or harder and requires some slack. Therefore I say again……Hello, I am Jake_M and I am an addict.These past one hundred days have been quite a journey to say the least. If you would have told me the day before I quit, that in 100 days I would be sitting on a metaphorical quit train with a bunch of faceless names that I have come to TRULY care about. I would have laughed in your face but here I am, extremely proud to be.The truth is that I didn’t expect, want, or even have any slight desire of quitting until the very day I stumbled across KTC. I don’t think I was even sublimely searching for a quit method. I literally just stumbled upon it when looking for pictures of what mouth cancer looked like. I was trying to figure out what I would look like in the event if I did get cancer. How silly, Instead of looking for ways to quit I had just accepted the fact that I would dip forever and “possibly” get mouth cancer. It is kind of ironic that I had found KTC in that manner. Before KTC I honestly believed that there was no one on the face of the planet that was more addicted than me. I loved everything about dipping. Me quitting truly was a miracle. God must have had a hand in it. Had the following series of events not unfolded in this particular manner it is VERY possible that I would be dipping to this day.When I got here. I just started reading out of shear curiosity. I started out with the story of one Tom Kern (an excellent place to start in hindsight). I continued reading of how all these other guys had quit and were supporting one another. I ended up somehow or another in WastePanel’s introduction. I read it front to back. I read all of his goofy parables and stories. For some reason all of it just related to me. This thread is what I have decided was the straw that broke the camel’s back and caused me to literally say “Fuck It! I’m quitting”. I signed up and demolished roll by posting day 1. Here I am 100 days later. I have learned to hate nicotine. I know that I will never put it back in my body. Ever. I can now spot the addict habits of others and never want to become a user again. That door is closed and cemented over. I will however never let my guard down. After 100 days of seeing folks come and go and come again I realize that this is nowhere near the end of KTC for Jake_M. KTC will not and cannot be just a “phase” for me. KTC has to continue to be a lifestyle. I truly expect to be posting here until the good Lord says otherwise. There have been many people throughout this journey that have made an impact on my quit. First and foremost I want to thank the “Jerks”. Without you guys my first 100 days would not have been near as fun. I look forward to at the very least another 1,000 day with you guys. You guys are the foundation of my quit and I owe y’all the most thanks. Second I want to thank all the turtles in The Shell. I couldn’t have picked a better group to be a part of. I look forward to many more roll calls with y’all. Next I would like to thank Waste Panel, without you I honestly would have never made it to day one, let alone day 100. A few others that I must mention are jabr, Sand Fleas, bkmcinty, franpro, kdip and everyone else that has supported me daily and all the regulars in chat (too many more to mention).

I know this sounds cheesy as Hell but despite all the things I hate about this addiction, I am so thankful that it has led me to KTC. I am so thankful to be a part of this place. I am genuinely proud to fight this battle with all of you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jake_M

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