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KCAH HoF (A Little Late)

kcah avatarToday while chatting with some fine chaps from this forum I was reminded that I never wrote my HoF speech, and at approaching a year it would probably be a good idea to do. So here goes:

About me:

I grew up on the east coast, joined the military a little before 18, started chewing at a tech school at 18 years old when it was offered to me, and went overseas at 19 where i continued chewing. On my 3rd tour I blew out my knee during a high speed boarding and was pretty finished with the military at that point, I wasn’t to keen about rotating to an intel group and they weren’t to excited on having a cripple out in the field operating so we parted ways.

During my exit interview the doctor(an ex navy diver and tough bastard) gave me shit about my chewing and high blood pressure. He called me a pussy with a bum knee, and it stuck with me. I quit chewing when I left the military, left all that shit behind me.

The Cave:

You have to remember I didnt know what a cave was, I dont think Chewie had even started this website at this point. But one day an old buddy showed up and he had a can of chew. I was buying my own within a week and off we went again. I cant remember how i reasoned myself into it but it happened, it was a long time ago.

How I ended up here:

One day I woke up and it felt like a tooth was loose, I quit that day for like a couple of hours. Then decided to ween myself off it, and 2 weeks later i was so stressed and worried about the tooth I left my can in the truck and walked away from it again. I found this forum on day 3ish when I was completely stressed out and going crazy.

The Good parts of the Quit(I shall only hit the highlights):

I spent the first couple weeks fucking up role, i knew i was doing it wrong but didn’t care. All I cared was I had made my promise for the day and that I wasn’t going to break it.

A week or two in I had a bad day and emergency texted some ugly bastard and he replied and walked me through it. I would of caved that day if wastepanel hadn’t been there.

Day 70 something I locked my keys in the car, at a gas station full of chew. I texted mcarmo in a rage, and he talked me off a cliff. I would of caved that day for sure, I was so angry.

The Bad Parts of the quit(also known as the anger and the booze):

The real reason I never wrote this is because I felt like I cheated on my quit, my first 70 something days or whatever I drank myself into a stupor daily which sometimes ended with an angry rage.

I dont know if I really needed this but it is what it is. I wont apologize for it, and I will never do it again, but it got me to where I am today which is a pretty happy place.

Anyway at some point I realized the booze was a crutch and quit drinking. I am now quit sober for 267 days.

If anyone else feels the need to talk or after reading this thinks, man that’s me with the drinking crutch please contact me, I will help out where i can.

The End:

Special Thanks to:

February Underground
The KTC Chat(THE BLACK PUSSYCAT) where I hung out daily

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kcah

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