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Law’s HoF Story

Law1358 avatarChapter 1 : (About Me)
My quit story is not so much different than others on this site. I am a God Loving Family Man who coaches High School Football as my Profession. I Started dipping when I was 19 Years old and got my First Coaching Job. I managed to make it all the through High School without ever giving into to peer pressure; to saying ” I just want to see what the big deal is” This began a 14 year relationship where Dipping ruled my life. I dipped 1-2 cans a day during that time. I have tried to quit multiple times which were not quits, but stoppages. The Longest lasted 2 weeks. I have always wanted to quit, but at one point I told myself that I was too addicted to quit. There was always a reason not to quit. Football Season, Hunting Season, Film Watching, Fishing, oh my god..what am I going to do on long road trips, the list goes on and on. In January of 2015, My wife and I learned we would have our first child. I promised her that I would quit before he was born. My Son Caden was born in September of 2015. I promised him then that I would quit by his 1st birthday. His 1st birthday on September 27 2016, I was geared up to quit that day. Instead I said that I would quit Tomorrow. This addiction made me lie to the people that I loved most. I didn’t kiss my wife goodnight for over 5 years so she wouldn’t have to smell my dip breath. You cant get that time back. On November 15. 2016, I caught my son about to drink from my spit bottle. I immediately began to feel like the loser that I was. That night, I came across a Facebook post of someone having their jaw removed, and it finally hit me… God is telling you its time I took 1 dip from my fresh new can, dumped the rest and said this will be the last dip of my life. That was 100 days ago. Two days later I found KTC.

Chapter 2: Tommy and Jenny Kern Story
On my 2nd day quit, I started googling how to stay quit from tobacco? A link to KTC was the first thing that popped up. The first thing I read was the symptoms of quitting, and the next thing I read was the Tommy and Jenny Kern Story. I will not tell the story here, but if you haven’t read it you need to. Im not known to cry, but reading Kenzie’s letters to her dad broke me down and I cried like a baby. I first, thought about the hurt their family was going through. Then, I thought about my son writing those letters to me. Jenny, Kenzie, Alexa, Connor, and Tori…If you are reading this; I want you to know that I pray for your family, and the memories you share of your husband and your dad no doubt have had a big impact on me. I hurt and pray for you all, but Im thankful that you are strong enough to share your memories so that people like me will stay quit from this horrible addiction.

Chapter 3: My 100 Days of Quit
In the Beginning of my Quit, I practically lived on the site and read as much as I possibly could. Reading HoF Speeches and Introductions literately became my new addiction and kept dip out of my mouth. I have had many ups and down during my quit. I can honestly say that I bought into KTC immediately. There are some things that I dont like about the site, but I made the decision to listen to people that have been quit for a very long time and I have had no issues with anyone since being on this site. I thought it was weird to reach out to internet strangers for phone numbers, but I got out of my comfort zone and Im sure glad that I did. I can say that during my 100 days, there were about 15-20 something occurrences that I know I would have caved without posting my roll on this site. there was a specific 4-5 occasions that I probably would have caved without texting someone from the site. There was one specific time on day 37 of my quit, where i became so enraged that I panicked and all I could think about was getting a dip. Reaching out and immediately hearing back from a few of my now very good friends, they saved my quit. I don’t say these things to scare people off from quitting. There have been more better days than bad during my 100 days of quit. I do want you to be ready for when the bad day does come, and do not give in. It will not be worth it. Quitting is Hard, but It is definitely worth it. Ive read some people say that this site is for the mentally weak who cant quit on their own. This usually comes from a new quitter or someone who has quit on their own, but I say to them Im strong minded enough to not even let there be a chance to cave. One of my favorite quotes I have come across on this site is ” Im pretty sure I’ll stay quit if i dont post roll tomorrow, but I know that I will stay quit if I do” Those are powerful words to me, and the reason that you will see me post my roll Every Damn Day with my February “17 Group the Cult of Quit

Chapter 4: Giving Thanks
I want everyone to know that I am not cured. This is only the beginning, but I could not have made this far without my group and reaching out to others. I will continue to lean on them during my quit
C-Mark: 1st KTCer I spoke with on the phone..gave me the confidence and comfort to reach out to others
Viking: one BAQ from my group who was the 1st person I reached out to, He has been a great friend since and will continue to be
JeffW: same thing..wish we could have gotten to meet when you were down here, but I thank you for being a friend and being BAQ with me
walterwhite: My mentor, has personally saved my quit and text me everyday. We think a lot alike in attacking our quit. Im grateful for you taking your time and showing me the way. I would not be here without you.
Harvestgirl: You saved my quit on that panicked day 37 and other times as well.You don’t even realize how close I was that day. Thank You for just always being there, and the mr.lentz and prohunter could not have picked a better person to end my celebration with on the roll sheet today.Thank you for being a good friend.
FishFlorida: The King of the Memes..I love exchanging memes as our quit promise everyday. You have helped me stay quit in many different ways and Im thankful for you.
Ralphie: Of all the new quitters that I have gotten numbers for, you are the only one that is still here. Many new quitters just aren’t ready i guess..but you have been a BAQ, and texting you everyday has helped my quit and i couldn’t be here without you.
The League: January your group has been an inspiration Tonifer, Aaron, Nonsil, DieselChick, CanofBeans..thank you for being there
The Madhouse: your group especially got me through some cravings..justinrobbins, viking11, beth, vicedawg,
April and May: Your groups keep me going and keep interested in my quit so I do not get complacent..USAGeek and Leonidas..keep kicking ass in your quits, its an honor to quit with you.
The Party Bus- February ’09 thank you Drome and all the vets on the Bus for allowing me to post roll daily.
The STDs- PMILS Ive never spoke with you before, but You typing my name for support really helped me everyday as well as McCoy(even though your a bama fan)
Thank you to the many people who reached out to me through my intro, pms, or chat…there are so many of you that I know I just cant name everyone, but I do cherish and love you all because you have helped me stay quit.
A Big thank you to Mr.Lentz and ProHunter for being our Conductors and doing a great job for our group
Saving the Best for Last. but Thank You to my Group the Cult of Quit. I could not be here if it wasn’t for you guys and I truly love each and every one of you as my own family. Let’s stay in this quit business for the long haul as I look forward to quitting EDD with you all.

Chapter 5: Conclusion
In Conclusion, If you are reading this and thinking about quitting and joining the site? I ask you to be serious about your quit. Most (if not all) of the people on this site that fail or have a problem with way things are ran, they have not been serious about their quit. I quit for myself to not be a slave to nicotine anymore. I quit for my son and my family so they do not have to see me in an early grave for a stupid reason. I take my quit seriously and KTC is just the place to help me keep taking it seriously. I have met some of the greatest people this country has to offer right here on this site, and they help me stay quit everyday. There is so much more that I want to say on how much better my life is without dip. I know that I have said a mouthful on this speech and have probably left some things out that I wanted to state, but I don’t plan on going anywhere and my digits are available to anyone that I can help. Stay Quit everybody.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Law1358

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