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My 100 Days of Quit

DjPorkchop avatarSo it’s been 100 days and now I am on to the +1’s. I often look back at how it all began.

It all started back on the first day of high school. Everyone at the school was dipping Kodiak and I was not. Why? I had to try too! I tried a pinch from a buddy and was hooked from moment one. The buzz, the burn of the lip, the spitting, and everything else that went with it. Man alive I loved it!! Fast forward to Junior year of high school and I was still dipping like a mad man. I mean heck at $0.80 a can why not?

One day I had a run of bad luck and was invited to leave school and never come back so I did just that. I left it all behind including the dip. I just never did it again. Ironically enough I had no withdraws or anything. I just stopped. In the mean time I was smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day.

Rolling through the years I was still quit from dipping but my smoking had gotten way worse. I was up to about 3 and half packs per day! I gave it up. That was about 12.5 years ago. About 6 months later while coaching a little league game with my brother in law he offered me a pinch of his dip and I was promptly hooked again! Fast forward yet again!

I was looking through the web one day back in 2014 and I found this site Kill The Can and I was ready to quit so I joined. They had a great system it seemed and no sooner than I posted an intro, the replies started coming in. Man I couldn’t believe it! How fast these people are they must really care!

So after posting my intro I found my quit group. Long story short I posted there for a day 1-5 and then it happened. I caved! I’ll leave that part out because a cave is a cave no matter how we got there. I gave up on man hood and walked away a little boy who couldn’t handle life and back on the can I went.

Days turned in to weeks, weeks in to months, and months in to a year and a few more months. September 17th 2015 I woke up as a normal day. I woke up, put a bullet in my mouth and went on about my day. For some strange reason at about 3:30, I spit out the bullet and decided I would see how long I could make it without a dip in my mouth.

So I made it a few hours and was talking to my wife and I said well, I’ll just quit again. So back to KTC I came guns a blazing! I posted up another intro just because and I found my way to the December 15 Disciples. I thought long and hard about it and then decided to post a day 1. Now I made a promise and I can’t go back on it. I won’t fail this time!

I was in quite the fog and made my way over to Live Chat where ChickDip, Kdip, FranPro and others were. I joined in the chat and quickly felt welcomed. There were folks asking me questions and giving me advice like you wouldn’t believe! The pointed me to the HoF Speeches and Words of Wisdom. Powerful stuff! Everything I read I could identify with. This is what I needed. Between the folks in live chat, my bad ass quit group, I thought I had it made. Finally people who are just like me going through what I am going through.

103 days later here I sit at my PC writing this piece. No dip in my lip, no patches, no lozenges, no nic gum, no cigs and no cigars, all with the help of Kill The Can. For any of you reading this that is thinking about quitting, you have come to the right place! Get signed up, find your quit group and post a day 1. You will not regret it! If you do just know that you need to buckle up tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride. When you hit the bumps, that is where the brother hood comes in to play. There is always people around to help you out.

I just want to give a great big thank you to all the vets here at Kill The Can who have helped me out along the way and a great big shout out to all my bad ass quitters over at the December 15 Disciples of Quit group. You all Rock! Without you I would not be here today. Thank you for holding me to my word each and every day!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DjPorkchop

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