NBC News: Mass Town Could Be First To Ban Tobacco

According to NBC News, “A small town in Massachusetts has become the latest battleground against Big Tobacco. Residents of Westminster will get the chance Wednesday night to debate a health board proposal to ban the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products — potentially making it the first community in the country to snuff out everything from e-cigarettes to flavored cigars. But while public health groups are lauding the proposal, smokers, their advocates and shopkeepers alike are fuming.”

Ban Tobacco Sales

Personally I’m not sure that I agree banning tobacco is the true path to fixing the problem.  Just as the alcohol industry about how Prohibition worked out. But it’s interesting that there are enough people in a town that recognize tobacco as the problem that it is that it’s gotten this far.

Read the original article here:

What do you think… should tobacco be banned?

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