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RDB1972 HOF – KTC Is The Difference

RDB1972 HOF - KTC Is The DifferenceMy objective is to bankrupt American Snuff Company, LLC; U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company; National Tobacco Company, L.P.; Swisher International, Inc.; Wind River Tobacco Company, LLC; Swedish Match North America, Inc.; Northerner Scandinavia, Inc.; R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company; and Phillip Morris USA, Inc.

That is an aggressive goal, and I need your help to complete it.

My plan is to keep everyone who has never been addicted to nicotine from becoming addicted, keep every addict who is quit, quit, and help lead anyone who is addicted and using to a lasting quit. That’s pretty much the reverse of the plan the tobacco companies have. It helps when you know your enemies.

If you’ve made it this deep into KTC, chances are that you’re a nicotine addict who is quit, a nicotine addict who is early in their quit, or a nicotine addict who is not yet quit. Each group has a role in this mission.

Those of you who are quit just need to maintain your quit. Keep posting roll daily, and make yourself available to all quitters. Make yourself known in the KTC community, and shepherd new quitters to their quit groups. That’s easy stuff.

The situation is tougher for those of you early in your quit. It will get easier. What you need to do is to make quitting nicotine as important as staying addicted to it was to you. Remember the effort you made to have a can in your pocket and a dip in your mouth at all times? Make at least that effort every day to staying quit.

To the extent your life allows, immerse yourself into this community. At a minimum, post your promise to stay quit every day, and keep that promise. If you get out of line, and someone calls you out, your first instinct might be to snap back, or walk. Take a step away, and a deep breath. Nobody is singling you out because they don’t like you, or they want you to leave. They are trying to help you stay quit, and keep the KTC system running smoothly. Quitters take quitting very seriously here. They know from personal experience how an addict’s mind works, and they recognize addict speak. Everyone here wants to help everyone else stay quit. We are all on the same team, and it is us against the tobacco companies.

Those of you who are not yet quit, it’s time to pull the trigger. You aren’t here because you’re casually considering maybe quitting dip. You know you need to do it, and you want to do it. You need to get serious. You’ve tried to stop dipping at least a dozen times. You might have been weeks, months, or even years without using. But, you caved.

KTC is the difference.

I used for almost 25 years. I was dipping at least a can a day. I had resigned myself as a failure to quit; a lifetime dipper. Nothing had worked for me.

KTC was the difference.

Today, right now, is the best time for you to quit. Dump all your tobacco down the toilet. Flush the toilet. Rinse the cans. Go to your quit group. Post roll. Promise not to use nicotine in any form for the rest of the day. Keep your promise. Make the same promise daily. Make the promise as early in the day as you can. Swap digits with your quit group members. Support them, and call on them to support you. Stay quit, and I look forward to reading your HoF speech in 100 days.

That’s it. If we all do our jobs, big tobacco should be out of business, well . . . someday.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RDB1972

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