Words of Wisdom

Never Give Up and Never Have Doubt

DoubtRemember to never give up and never have doubt.
Those ups and downs is what life’s all about.

You try and try your absolute best
and somehow struggle like all the rest.
At times it seems you just can’t do it.
Yet all it takes is putting your mind to it.

The mistakes that you might make along the way,
create a stronger person to defeat another day.
You see, no one can tell you the steps you must take.
Whether right or wrong; it’s the choices you make.

Believe in yourself and all the power that you hold.
Aspirations are created by the young and the old.
But it has to start here and it has to start now.
Of course you’re sitting there wondering how?

It begins when you set this extraordinary example for others.
Yes, strangers at first; end up quit sisters and brothers.
Maybe you’re struggling addiction and needing some belief.
Simply asking for help begins your journey towards relief.

Quitting means you want this. It’s coming from the heart.
Don’t wait until tomorrow when right now you can start.
If you take this chance. I’d promise you’ll see
You’re not alone. You’re standing with me.

© 2008

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member mylilsecret

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