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New Flavors From Grinds – Peppermint and Vanilla

Peppermint & Vanilla GrindsYears ago now, I wrote a review of Grinds Coffee Pouches.  Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure to meet co-founder Patrick Pezet and Grinds was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  I’m super excited to see that Grinds hasn’t rested when they found some success… they’re continuing to turn out great product and develop new flavors.

Introducing Grinds Peppermint and Grinds Vanilla! 

You can read my previous review of Grinds Coffee Pouches here.  That review includes the flavors Cinnamon Roll, Mint Chocolate and Mocha.  If you’re not familiar with Grinds, they’re different from other smokeless alternatives as they’re made out of… you guessed it… coffee grinds.  All flavors of Grinds are pouch products which for this reformed dipper is nice as I don’t need to deal with “float” issues in the back of my throat and cleanup is much easier.  Each pouch as the caffeine equivalent of a 1/4 cup of coffee as well so you’ll get a nice little “pick me up” to boot.


Peppermint: Coffee, Water, Caffeine, Glycerin, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, B-Vitamins, Guarana, Sodium Benzoate, Natural & Artificial Flavors

Vanilla: Coffee, Water, Caffeine, Glycerin, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, B-Vitamins, Guarana, Sodium Benzoate, Natural & Artificial Flavors

Thoughts – Peppermint Grinds

Peppermint GrindsOutstanding smell upon opening can and when I popped them in my mouth.  I used 3 pouches to really test out the flavor and get some juices going.  You could get by with 1, but I’d suggest going with at least 2 to get that really robust flavor.  I’m not sure how they do it, but that peppermint flavor REALLY comes through and isn’t overshadowed by the coffee.  Grinds is great from a spitability standpoint producing quite a bit of nice dark brown spit (if you’re into the sort of thing).  I tried this on my way to work and kept it in for a good 30 minutes or so with no flavor loss.

Thoughts – Vanilla Grinds

Vanilla GrindsNext up was Vanilla.  I was really looking forward to this one as I’m a big fan of vanilla in cookies & baking.  This one was on the commute home. Still a great smell upon opening the can but didn’t pick up the vanilla nearly as much as I did with the peppermint.  Once again popped in 3 pouches to really sample the flavor.  I picked up that vanilla flavor a little bit but I would have preferred it to come through a little bit more.  Still had great spitability and longevity, but it got a bit “bitter” toward the end of my chew.


Grinds is made from coffee and you’re essentially “brewing” it in your mouth when you use it.  That said, if you’re not a coffee fan you probably won’t be all that keen on this product.  However, they’ve got some OUTSTANDING flavor profiles and these two new flavors are no exception.  Grinds offers a great pouch alternative for coffee fans out there and their flavor lineup is VERY different than most other fake dip on the market.  Great spitability and longevity for all flavors and they offer easy open cans that have a top compartment to store a used pouch to throw away later (or to throw it in again if you got interrupted mid-chew).  Personally, I’d go with the Peppermint over the Vanilla but I’ll definitely revisit both of them which says a lot as I don’t chew the fake stuff much at all any more at this point in my quit.

I’d like to offer special thanks to Patrick Pezet for sending along samples for this review.  You can find Grinds on the web at or on Twitter you can follow user @getGRINDS.  Tell em sent you to be a part of #TeamGrinds!

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Have you tried Grinds yet?  Let us know what you think and we’ll add your review to the site!

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6 years ago

Just saw your review today. Great stuff!
What would you recommend to someone if I could only get one flavor, peppermint or mint chocolate?

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