Be A Quitter

New Year’s Resolution To Quit? Why Wait?

New Year's Resolution 2015You’re here, you’re reading, you plan to quit with the New Year.

Not a bad start, but…..

You have motivation now. Will it remain in seven days? How often have you planned to quit and that date never came? Why is this time different? Why not quit now, while the motivation is high?

It won’t be easier in seven days. It will suck. It will suck today, but no more than then. There is no magic coming at midnight, Jan 1st. The ball will drop. But yours already have, so you are a big boy and control your on decisions.

The best part…

The worst is only three days. Seriously, what can’t you do for three days? So, according to my math, by Jan 1 which is 7 days from now, you will be 4 days PAST the worst part. Freedom – it tastes so sweet.

Your choice –

Quit now. Be past the worst. Taste freedom. All by Jan 1st.

Or wait. Take a chance. Your motivation may fade. You may forget. You may stop caring. You may still be dipping and reading a very similar message on December 25, 2015, swearing that 2016 is the year it will happen. All because you decided to wait 7 more days. 7 more days that would not have helped or made it easier on the least.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I can’t make the choice for you. You decide.

I will tell you that I decided on freedom. And it’s awesome.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member redyota

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