Ode To The Quitter

Ode to Day 82 – No Nicotine and No Beer

Nolan Ryan 1982 ToppsI never thought I could do it,
I never thought it’d be me,
I never thought I make to have 82 days nic free!!
But here I am still standing,
And here I am still clean,
Here I am still postin’ daily, it’s real and ain’t no dream.
I’ve had a few tough days, but I’m standing strong, no fear,
I’ve even done these 82 days without a single beer!
To those who’ve read these daily,
You’ve helped me stay nic free
I’ll thank you from the bottom of my heart,
When I post up day Eight-three!!!!!

PS: Today’s photo is Nolan Ryan’s TOPPS card from 1982.

NOTE: This is part of the Ode To The Quitter series written by KillTheCan.org forum member Phillip.  For more details see Ode To The Quitter.

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