Ode To The Quitter

Ode to a Lesson Learned

Toe TagWe talk bad about cavers, and yeah we ride their ass,
But what about the caver who comes back with class?
We ask them those questions, the why, when and how?
But the bottom line remains: Whatcha gonna do NOW?
I met a new friend, ToeTag is his name,
He’s been quit THREE times, twice member in the Hall of Fame.
But just like some others, he caved to the witch,
Got caught up in dealing with that old evil bitch.
His story has merit, he became “Super Quit”,
But realized, there was more when dealing with this shit.
So many of us daily spend time on this site,
We think we’re supposed to, that’s what we do, right?
But it ain’t just about the life seen online,
Our quit is about what we do in our OWN TIME.
So ToeTag I’m behind you, hoping this quit don’t bend,
But while I’m back here, I’ll keep a foot in your rear end!
Now a lesson to us all, I hope this does make,
If you ain’t true to yourself, Your quit is just fake!
We can all learn from this, it speaks to us all.
Your days may get up there, but even the mighty can fall…

NOTE: This is part of the Ode To The Quitter series written by KillTheCan.org forum member Phillip.
For more details see Ode To The Quitter.

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