Old Dog New Tricks

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!Well just like many of you I started young some wear around age 14, and the I started with Days Work plugs, and switched to Copenhagen because I found out that I needed to spit less, well as time went on never did spit. During my 32 years of dipping I can only remember quitting one time and that was when I Joined the Marine Corps in 83, and as soon as boot camp was over I bought a can and started again. Never gave it much thought of quitting my wife did not like it but never said any thing except she would not buy it for me. I would dip all the time only taken it out to brush my teeth, eat, and sleep. (If I didn’t fall asleep before I could take it out). I work long and strange hours so it seemed to help me keep awake I thought. Well on Oct 21 at 3am I just took a dip and looked at the can I just opened up and wondered if I could quit and how hard could it be, I said it can’t be that hard since last year I lost 74 lbs in less the 8 months and I became a fitness freak now. Well man I was wrong, the morning of the second day I was in pain that’s when I discovered this site when I was researching for problems and or symptoms when quitting snuff or dip, this site was very helpful. Well its a 100 days and still quitting, I do believe you need to tell you’re self that you are still quitting every day because I still think about it but a little less as time passes. I’m proud to say that I’m not a former dipper but a dipper that is quitting with all you quitters. I forgot to mention that the last can I bought with only one dip out of it I just threw it away I told my self I was going to carry that dam can with me until I made the 100 day mark, well after a couple of weeks carrying that dam can around started to piss me off more and more but I kept it and it was like keeping a pet rock around well no more pets for me. Good luck to all new and old quitters.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member medunk2

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