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Olympic Quit – Ben’s Quit Story

KillTheCan LogoI was a coward, after 28 years of slinking around with a pinch between my cheek and gum, I thought I just couldn’t quit. A job assignment over the summer would put me in London and the time seemed right to tackle it again. I packed my bags knowing I didn’t have enough cans for the trip and I could already feel the pangs of withdrawal and I hadn’t even started my quit. On Wednesday July 25, I threw out my last pinch and the games really began. For almost three weeks I walked in a haze dreaming of the day I’d leave for the States and I could get another can and stop the misery.

The weeks that followed were a constant battle with my addiction and finding ways to avoid dipping. It was some of the hardest days I have ever endured. I was useless at home, wanting to sleep all the time and work was tough because I thought enterprise networks cannot be ran without a pinch of tobacco shoved in your lip. But I made it and one day at around day 56 I found this site. I read and read and was relieved that everything I felt was normal for a quitter and I was not the only one going through the misery of re-programming their brain. I joined up and have never looked back, every morning I log in and promise the men and women in my group I that will not use tobacco today. It was fantastic to have someone else to be accountable too instead of my piddly ass excuses not to stop on the way home today for a can. This site saved my quit and I’m on it every day doing what my father taught me years ago, “be a man of your word.”

I haven’t had to rely on my quit brothers and sisters too much so here is a little bit about myself. I’ve dipped for 28 years or so. I started in college down in Texas (late bloomer to spit tobacco for a Texas boy) and my addiction grew to 4-5 cans a week. I’ve been open with the addiction and ninja as well, always had a chew in and gutted a ton. The suck I endured seemed to never end but I don’t regret a moment of tossing that crap to the curb.

It’s an honor to post with November 2012 and I’m proud to be quit with all the folks there. If you need a number or advice, pm me and I’ll get back with you, I owe the site a lot. I’ll be posting tomorrow headed to 200 and beyond, how about you?


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member beenthere

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