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Poconos 2011 – The Morning After

Over the next few days, I’ll post photos from the recently complete 4th Annual State College Meet (Which wasn’t even in State College, PA this year but it’s got a snappy ring to it and is incredibly timely with recent news…).  That being said, I wanted to do a quick write up today while my thoughts are fresh on the subject.

If you only see one picture from this weekend this is the one you need to see:

Quit Personified – East Stroudsburg, PA 11.12.2011 – “Quit Personified”

Top/Middle Rows (L-R): Hydro, TCOPE, Hippie Princess, Chewmonkey, Lance From SD, JustKeepDancing, LastChance, Scrap77, Keddy, Franpro, Big Brother Jack, Husker06484, Samcat, rebeldog, Kdip, 30yrAddict, Sadjr111, 2manycans

Front Row (L-R): Clampy, Theo3wood, Btdogboy, Souliman, Florida Luke, Chewie

By my quick (terrible) math this represents about 30,000 days quit. (And doesn’t even count UncleBubba and Ron who aren’t pictured here with about 3,500 days between them).  Talk about a great group of people.  It never ceases to amaze me that a group of people with such disparate backgrounds and experiences can come together and form such a strong common bond.  The unfortunate connection that brings us together is our addiction, but I can say that I’m happy to have quit if only to have met these fine folks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thanks Big Brother Jack for opening up his home to this group of misfits and taking charge of the weekend the way only he can.  You have yet again earned the moniker of “Big Brother” Jack and to not get super sappy I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks and say, “I love you man”.

As I said before, the photos and videos are rolling in and they’ll be posted over the next couple of days as I can filter out the duplicates.  Here’s one vid that’s already been uploaded and processed for your viewing (and in this case listening) pleasure.

If you’ve ever been leery of meeting “someone from the Internet” I’m hoping that seeing these fine folks will dispel any of those fears.  If you haven’t, check out the pics from last year’s event.  If you thought we ate good last year, just wait until you see this year’s spread.  It was absolutely tremendous.

Planning for next year’s event (tentatively called  PA 2012 – The Fifth Chapter) is already underway.  I urge you to be there if you can… it’s gonna be outstanding.

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  1. Hey Chewie….your forgot poor Lance…..even though he does hail from South Dakota we can’t hold that against him after that phenomenal spread of antelope, venison and morel sauce he made !

  2. We had more addicts at Jack’s house last weekend than the Betty Ford Clinic on a good day. I’d call that success.

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