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Seasonal Triggers and Hunting

Bow Hunting

Just saw your post in the input section, about seasonal triggers… Your archery season trigger is familiar. Many of us hunt, many of us dipped during that time…. Manly men were we.

Battling triggers down the line, triggers you have not faced yet, while being quit can be tricky for some. There are a few ways you can go about dealing with these.

1. Prepare for it.
Get out, shoot some arrows (go bowling before your league starts, whatever) without the dip. Start re-training now.

2. Use the tools you have gained.
When you head out to the hunt, you know you may crave something. But you are smarter than the nic bitch. You are going to go prepared. Gum (they sell scentless gum!), seeds, jerky.  Amazing. The same tools you used to get where you are today. The Contract to Quit – you can carry that with your hunting license. Phone numbers… You know you’re gonna have your cell phone. Your hunting buddies…. Oh man… I bet at least one of them is a dipper…. Be upfront, be strong, be forceful. Make damn sure everyone knows that you have quit and they are not to give you any. Not now, not ever. Not when you are sitting around the campfire after a long day of hunting, maybe tipping a few back…. That includes cigars too NEVER. Are these people your friends? Damn well better be. You are going to be stronger than any of them.

3. Prepare (part 2)
Check your hunting backpack, duffle bag, etc. Make sure there is nothing in them to tempt you.

4. Upsides
Deer will not be smelling any mint/wintergreen/tobacco/fake stinky apple, cherry, peach stench coming from your stand.

Your mouth will feel cleaner.

What you have learned, what you know, and knowing in advance that you may be facing some urges will enable you to be ready to come back clean.

I’ll be dove hunting in a couple of weeks with one, if not two dippers. I am not worried. You see, I’m quit. I have closed that door. I’ve been in that situation before though. First time, I’d look sideways at the guys when they would put one in. Now? I look at them and tell them that that shit will kill them. And I realize – Damn, that shit stinks!

You…You’re quit too. You don’t do that anymore.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Remshot

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