2011 HOF Speeches

Simply No More

KTC Logo Green YellowI almost did not write a HOF speech since this is now my second one to write. I made it to the HOF back with the July 05 group. I got away from the site and became lazy. Sure one dip would not hurt. Found myself crawling back here 6 years later. For me going back to the can simply is not an option. It becomes harder to commit to a quit when you know how bad it is going to suck. So I am simply no longer a dipper. I will always be an addict though.

We see a lot of people who cave on this site and it is always asked what happened, what will you do different. For me this is the time to apply the different things. My first quit I did not trade contact information. I did not hang out in chat, I did not post roll on weekends. Hell I just posted roll and went on my merry way as long as it was Monday thru Friday.

It feels great to be free of the can. I was a ninja dipper. I hid it from my family, friends, and co-workers. I wish I could regain all the time I let the can steal me away from the family but I cant. All I can do it is move forward and make the best out of my new life.

I would like to thank a few people. First my November group who allowed me back in after being a caver. A huge thanks to KBDAVEAR, TARPON, And COPEHATER for being there to chat with on a daily basis when I needed some sort of ghey crap to take my mind off how bad the suck was.

David Williams

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member davwilli

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