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SondanXX’s Tobacco Career (Almost)…

KTC Logo BlackSimilar to kidb, my nightmare with snuff started when I left home for a school in the Southwest, pledged a fraternity, and was introduced to Coors beer and a tin of Skoal… and like most of you, it didn’t take long before I was burning through a can a day… the year was 1979 and if I recall correctly a tin of Skoal was about 72 cents.

About a year later I transferred to a school back home and met a UST rep in a convenience store just off campus. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was out by his Buick “Skoal Bandit” company car being handed all the Skoal and Copenhagen you could want, and I was offered a position within their College Rep program where I was expected to promote the Skoal Bandit product line for about $125 a month and all the snuff I could handle!

Believe it or not, I actually did pretty well at that job and by graduation was offered a full time gig with UST as a Sales Rep in Maryland. Long story short, thankfully, I decided to pursue a career within the motorcycle industry instead of the nicotine industry…

I recently had the pleasure of a hernia operation and about a week or so of recovery time in the hospital… two or three days post surgery, I just HAD TO HAVE a dip and when I was finally alone in my room, snuck a pinch between my cheek and gum, ninja style, and settled in for that 5 day off tobacco rush… y’know what I’m talking about… Anyway, almost immediately a team of nurses were in my room, checking my blood pressure and calling for a doctor backup…

What I learned from that is how the nic killer did things to you that were unknown… I mean I knew it was screwing up my mouth, teeth, breath, gums, etc, but I didn’t really realize it was also contributing to my high blood pressure and lord knows what all else internally! And here I always thought Skoal helped me to relax!!! What a joke! Well it suddenly dawned on me that y’know, maybe this isn’t the best thing I could be doing to my body…

By the time I had reached this site, I was a few days into yet another quit and feeling the pain of withdrawal, I hung in there, read everything I could, and signed up. It was indeed the best thing I did to finally slay this dragon that had been with me for oh so long…

Thanks to my main dude, Packman, for holding me accountable and posting roll each day… I still missed a few here and there, but for the most part I was pretty steady, thanks man. Now, on to 200…

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SondanXX

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