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flash avatarThis section used to be called “Hall of Legends”. I never posted in it because, quite frankly, I am no legend. However, now that it is renamed to Comma Club, I’ll gladly post up because I am damn proud of my commas. I wear all three of them with pride.

The reason I say I am no legend is that we are all still addicts, no matter what day you are on. We are all just one bad decision away from becoming Gollum, from Lord Of The Rings, crouched in a dark corner, finger banging a can of that nasty shit. We are just one bad decision from having to go through those dreaded three days again. Most of all, we are one bad decision away from letting our fellow brothers down and setting a bad example for those who are starting out.

If you truly get this place, then you will never, ever consider yourself a legend and you will never believe your own hype. Please, wear your commas with pride that you have done something incredible, but keep fighting the war for yourself and for the guy who just found this place today and made his first promise to stay quit today.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member flash

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