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2011 – The Best of the KTC Blog

2011 - The Best of the KTC BlogAs I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to site analytics and how people find us.  During the past year, I find myself referring to something that’s been written here on the blog quite a few times so I figure I’d put this post together.  Got something you want us to cover in 2012?  Leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do!

The Top 10 Posts Of 2011
(Based On Number Of Views)

#10 – American Gladiator “Hawk” Is Coming To KTC
For the first time in 2011, we had several guest chatters into our live chat.  This was the first announcement.

I was shocked that the next 7 out of the top 10 posts for the entire year of 2011 were product reviews.  Just goes to show that people are interested in these products!  If you’re a smokeless alternative company and would like to be reviewed please leave a comment and we’ll make arrangements.  Interesting to note that several of these posts are quite a few years old at this point.  We may just re-review them in 2012.

#9 –Root 100 Product Review

#8 –Holt Tobaccoless Chew Review

#7 – Hooch Snuff Review (Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff)

#6 – Where Do You Buy Your Fake Dip?
Not a review but still talking about fake dip/smokeless alternatives.  We’ve started to compile a Where To Buy list.  Please leave a comment if you’ve got a store that we don’t have listed.

#5 – NiP The Grip – Energy Dip Review

#4 – Young’s Chew Review

#3 – Absolut Snus Review

#2 – Jake’s Mint Chew Review

#1 – Fake Dip: To Chew Or Not To Chew
A post that I wrote in May of 2009 while sitting in my basement one evening.  It gets comments to this day and I absolutely LOVE IT.  That tells me that people are out there thinking about quitting and looking for help.  To date it has over 144 comments!

Is there something that we’ve not covered on the site or here on the blog that you’re interested in?  Let us know… we’re always looking for suggestions!

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