Jake’s Mint Chew – Blackberry Review

Jake's Mint Chew - Blackberry

If you’re a fan of flavored chews, then Jake’s Mint Chew have done it again for you!  I’m thrilled to announce their newest seasonal flavor offering – Blackberry!  Blackberry is available in single / multi-cases, mix and match and variety pack orders.  Jake’s now has 10 flavors available so if you’re … Continue reading

Jake’s Mint Chew Receives USDA Organic Certification

USDA organic

KillTheCan.org is proud to share the news that our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew have recently received their USDA Organic Certification for all eight flavors of their mint snuff!  Adam from the company sent us the following press release: Jake’s Mint Chew Receives USDA Organic Certification for Non Tobacco Chew … Continue reading

Quitters Giving Back

Give Blood

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog or our Facebook page, you know that today is the 6 year anniversary of KillTheCan.org.  It’s been an incredible day on the forums with a HUGE turnout for our one-day, site-wide roll call.  I’d like to once again thank everyone involved for … Continue reading