2013 HOF Speeches

The HOF Ode ….. Or Not – My HOF Speech

I thought for a long time about what I would write. What would really make sense. not just to me, but also to those who will make this journey after. So here goes it:

Day One was a bitch, I wanted to die. I should just take a dip, then I could lie…
Day Two my girl told me about KTC, I’ll give it a try, why not? It’s FREE!
On this day I posted my very first time, it felt really good, my mouth was feeling like slime.
Day Three a guy caved, the shit hit the fan. The bros blasted his ass, Glad I’m not that man.
Day Four when I posted, still did it wrong, Cbird showed me where my name did belong.
Day Five my first weekend had come to pass. The quit was beginning to kick my black ass.
Day Six was a Sunday, I’m thankful for prayer, cuz my quit was still going, although I’d lost most of my hair.
Day Seven I did it, I posted up good. My quit was better, I was the engine that could.
Day Eight, don’t remember, the fog had set in. But I found that chat room, I’m still in it to win.
Day Nine was when I thought I would fail, but some txt’s came on time this quit I will nail.
Day Ten SirDerek encouraged me on chat. He’s a bad-ass quitter… I wanna be like that!
Day Eleven was quiet I posted up late, it was a Friday night, probably had a GHEY date.
Day twelve the fog still hung around, but I went to the chat room and kept the crave down.
Day thirteen was Sunday and I went to church. My quit got saved, Hell what could it hurt?
Day fourteen came and I posted, “it’s rough”, Little did I know, it was gonna be this tough…
Day fifteen saw river get back in the mix, They blasted him hard for failing his quit.
Day sixteen I said, “One day at a time”, Glad my bros were there to make me tow that line.
Day seventeen was about me being all clean. For those who have dipped, you know what I mean.
Day eighteen I posted up, “quit like a beast”. Around this day I started the sunflower seed feast.
Day nineteen was a really good day. I stayed quit, the demon I did slay.
Day twenty came around, I was still being chill. No dip near my mouth, my life NOW the thrill!
Day twenty-one hit and I’m still keeping it real. My quits still new, don’t know how to feel.
Twenty two came and I was bumped off the list. We’ve all had it happen, still got real pissed.
Day twenty three came, we lost a few more. I have totally decided I hate the nic whore.
Day twenty four was quiet, I don’t remember much. But I still remained quit, that shit I won’t touch!
On day Twenty Five, I’m a quarter way there. I’m gonna hit 100, On this, I sure swear!
Day twenty six reminds me I’m an addict to stay. I did it myself, and I’ll find my own way.
On the twenty seventh day, I posted where I live, In the backwoods of Georgia, where it smells like a pig.
Twenty eight days of quit have arrived, The craves are still rough, but glad I’m alive.
Day twenty nine I posted, “one day at a time”. The craves still suck, but I’m feeling fine.
Day thirty, I DID IT! A month I’ve been clean. A hard rode I’ve ridden, you know what I mean!
Day thirty one was posted via text not by me. It’s good to have numbers when you’re computer’s not free.

OK, so here’s the deal, as you can probably already tell, I could go on like this throughout the entire 100 days. But, what would be the point? I have already proven that I can rhyme. I have already proven that I have rhythm. This is not one of my ode’s to encourage you or make you giggle. I guess you could say, this is my “come to Jesus” speech where I let it all hang out…

Honestly, I never really thought I was going to make it to 100 days. Can’t even tell you how many times I had tried the “Quit” game before getting on KTC. I think there was actually a point where I quit for 3 months. But as usual, I went back… It was my comfort zone. It was my security blanket. I just didn’t realize it then. I was the boss. Rules didn’t apply to me. Yeah, there was a “no tobacco” policy at work. But that didn’t apply to me. I dipped at my desk, and didn’t care who saw. I was even so bold as to conduct interviews with potential employees with my lip full. Didn’t care. I hid it from my family until about 2 years ago. I got tired of lying all the time about the cans that were found, and finally just started doing it in the open. Didn’t care. I was the boss…

It got to the point were EVERYWHERE I went, I had a dip in. Work – Dip. Gym – Dip. Church – Dip. Wrestling Practice – Dip. I knew I was messing my mouth up, I’m an educated man, But it really didn’t matter. I really didn’t care. All I know is that the woman I loved asked me one day if I would quit. I said, “why should I, it’s not bothering you”? She said, “You’re right, it’s not bothering me at all, and never will. But it WILL bother you.” You see, she didn’t beg me to quit for her, for the kids or anything else. She asked me to quit for MYSELF. I had just gone through a “life moment” a year earlier when I decided to start getting back in shape, which lead to the loss of 140 pounds. I was an athlete again! I was living a healthy lifestyle in EVERYTHING except the dip. Then she brought it into perspective. She simply told me she loved me, asked me to check my email, and there I simply found this:



So, here I am. 148 days in, just finishing my HOF speech but still QUIT LIKE HELL. The last 148 days really have not been that tough. Yeah, here and there I have seen some pretty bad days, but overall, I have survived. I have yet to miss a day posting, and I doubt I ever will. Through my quit I have found a love for something that I thought had long since vanished… writing. Since day sixty-something I have written an “ode”. Some have dealt with real quit issues, others were just written to keep my mind occupied, and yet others were written just to be obnoxious… Bottom line, I have enjoyed writing everyone of them, and I will continue to write them everyday for the duration of my quit. And since that is going to be FOREVER… probably should get a publisher…

So, for those who have never read one, here they are since day 99 (because you can only post 60,000 characters at a time) If you are reading this, and you are working on your quit, and you don’t know anything about me, please read this one sentence over and over again until it sinks into your brain:

If you are not going to quit for yourself, you have no business quitting at all.

Enjoy the odes… But more so ENJOY YOUR QUIT.

Ode to Boredom

I’ve finally decided I’m going crazy, it’s true.
A month without working, I just don’t know what to do.
I go to the gym, work my butt to the core,
Then get on the site, and mess with the KTC whores.
I’ve posted in all my usual groups, I’d say.
I think I’ll branch off, and mess with the other quit gheys.
Maybe I’ll go post with the years gone past,
like ’05 or ’06 whose quits do still last.
I post up in wildcards each day I come on,
But some of the responses are just plain out wrong.
But they do make me laugh, although most dumb as shit,
And I know in their way, they help me stay quit.
So although I sit here bored off my butt,
I’ll stay true to my quit, when the going gets tough.
Now if you’re like me, and have nothing to do.
Come join me in Wildcards, I’ll harass your ass too!!!

Ode to the KTC Picnic (if we all got together…)

Cooling with my homies on a hot summer day,
Just me, a few quitters, and a mod that ghey.
A lota seeds, lota, fake, and a lota cursin.
Not a single can of dip on anybody’s person.
KDIP is on the grill, cookin up some steak,
GMANN is butt naked swimmin in the lake.
Can’t forget SPORTSFAN, he’s servin’ all the drinks.
And there’s TIMELESS, dressed pretty in the pink….
LOOT is at the table dealing out the cards,
CMARK is at the pond, fishing for some carp.
Can’t forget ‘ol TOETAG he just got on the train,
Hes sitting next to SAGE, trying to run some game.
As for me, I’m chillin’ with SPARTARON my man,
We’re listening to old CHEWIE, sharing his master plan.
The plan, he said is simple, We’re ending all the dip.
We’re burning down tabacco, to help our brother’s quit.
Wouldn’t that be perfect? Forever we’d stay clean!
But just like this here picnic, the plan is just a dream.
So on this three day weekend, relax, enjoy a few.
Just keep in mind, all the time, that I QUIT with all of you.

Ode to the KTC Family

Every family has it, and no one is to blame.
It’s called family drama and sometimes a damn shame.
It usually starts with words, and they can hurt the most,
And feelings can get hurt, and some are burnt like toast.
But just the dear Waltons we always do what’s right.
Cause its ’bout the quit, and THAT is our main fight.
And just like all the families, each has a black sheep.
Technically that’s me, though my skin tone’s not that deep.
We also have the uncle, that’s the closet queer,
He always hangs in chat, but I will not name him here.
And speaking of the chat, there’s the brother that the prick,
He’s uses mute so often, yes he is the great KDIP.
And then there’s the hot sister, who’s never gonna cave,
She’s chillin from Alaska, the one that’s known as Sage.
This site is based on quit, it’s passion clearly shown.
But deep down we’re a family, a dysfunctional, messed up home.

Ode to the Long Weekend

A three day weekend is coming your way.
What will you do to keep your butt GHEY?
Temptations will come especially with booze,
And if you don’t watch it, you surely will lose.
Keep your quit guarded and safe at all times,
Or the nic will sneak up and have you in binds.
Remember regardless of what day you are on
You can still catch a crave, the can you will long.
The cave beast is watching, and wanting your quit.
1 day or 1000, cave don’t give a shit.
My days are not many, but this thing I know
Now way in hell will I cave to that ho.
So here on this weekend I’ll pay my respects
To those who gave lives, those honored war vets.
But we’ve got a war that we wage, yes it’s true.
You know what it is, I’ll stay quit, how bout you?

Just another Ode

The ode for today will be rather short and sweet.
Nothing really happened. Stayed quit, that’s neat!
Spent some time, trolling through the boards,
had some friendly banters with them wildcard whores.
Actually spent some time working on my speech,
Yeah I know it’s late, the deadline I didn’t reach.
I’ll get it done and post this I say.
Sadly I won’t have it finished on this day.
I can say I’m txting five bros everyday.
I’m bound and determined to keep these boys ghey.
Tomorrow I promise an ode from the heart.
Just needed a day to get a fresh start.
It’s been awhile since I’ve thrown darts with rhymes.
So I think tomorrow I’ll make fun of dear Times…..

Ode to the Smell

I smelled it today. It had sure been a while.
I thought for a second, I’d be walking the mile.
It was at the curb store, a redneck stepped out.
Slit open his can, a new one, no doubt.
It first hit my nose, that smell like no other,
it was cope snuff, my brand, my hated step-brother.
Good thing for him, he offered me none.
Cuz I’d go spider monkey, and say “come get sum”!
Fact of the matter is, it didn’t bother me.
Felt sorry for him, even offered him the key.
He’d quit sometime is just what he said.
I told him in sometime he could be just dead….
Then I realized the reason I’m on this site.
It ain’t just for me, it’s to help others, right?
So I guess I passed, the test of the smell.
My quit stays intact, another lesson to tell

Ode to the Odes….

I sat down and counted, 75 to this day.
That’s how many odes I’ve written for you Gheys.
Some have been funny, some have been crass,
But all have been written with Quit’s foot to my ass.
Sometimes I wonder just what I’d do,
If I didn’t have these odes to help see me through.
Then I remember all my brothers in quit,
They all keep me honest and away from the dip.
And then there’s my sisters, I sure can;t forget,
Sage and Cindy, are the best ones yet!
I went back and read the odes from the start,
And those, like these have come from my heart.
Pay it forward, I was told, when I got my quit down,
So let me remind you of the knowledge I’ve found.
If you’ve been quit for awhile, or your quit is brand new,
Reach out to some quitter and help see THEM through.
I’ll keep on doing it, by writing each day,
It helps keep me sane, and the dip far away!

Ode to day 140…

Holy crap 140 days clean.
Some of you old heads, know what I mean!
When I first hit a week, I thought it was great.
And then a month, 100 I would make!
I thought once there, I get off the site.
It served it’s role, got me headed in the right.
But then I realized to do that is dumb.
KTC is for quitters, it’s not just for fun!
It’s for those of us who commit to stay quit for life.
Sure it’s a choice, and I choose to do right.
So on day 140 I still post up each day.
But not just my group, I support many of them GHEYS!
And yeah 140 is one helluva start,
Guess I’ll stay on the site, and become an old fart….

A Quitters Prayer

Now I lay me down to rest,
Another day’s quit, I’ve passed the test.
The temptation came and passed me by,
It was tough as hell, I will not lie.
But Lord, I thank you for this day.
It sure was hard, but I’m proud to say,
I made it through, and not alone,
My brother’s txt came through my phone.
Please let me rest without dip dreams,
the late night sweats, the silent screams.
And in the morning, when I awake,
Another dip I’ll never take.
Please get me through just one more day,
My thanks to You, my quit will stay….

Ode to the sick day

Ever have one day when you’re just flat out sick?
Puking your brains out and feeling like shit?
Well today is that day, and I think I know why.
Last night I ate oysters, and now wanna die.
They may have been bad, what can I say?
One thing’s for sure, I’m gonna stay quit all day.
There once was a time, when a sick-dip was nice.
Laying in the bed, just enjoying that vice.
But now since I’m quit hot tea does me fine.
No need for a dip to help me pass time.
So I may be sick, and not feel very well.
But I still claim this day, cause I’m still Quit like Hell!!

Ode to How we stay Quit

What do you do when the can calls your name?
It’s OK to admit it, there’s no shame in this game.
For each one of us there’s a way that we deal,
We stay away from dip, and we keep it real.
Some of us scream, and for me I write,
That’s how I deal with my nicotine fight.
But last night I heard one that answers all calls,
It dealt with a nightstand, and a pair of quitter balls.
I won’t say who said this, cuz it actually might work.
It sure will keep your mind from the can, but damn it’ll hurt.
When you feel a crave comin’ find ya something you can slam.
Then put your balls in there, stand firm like a man.
Swing the door shut with all your might.
Your sack will get pinched, but your quit will stay right.
You’ll probably then puke from all of the pain,
But you’ve stayed quit and that’s the name of this game!
So next time you feel the old crave settin in,
Try using this method, then thank KLARK in the end…..

Ode to a dream (nightmare)

Last night in chat, I heard of a dip dream.
Never had one before….until last night it seems.
I woke up all wet, and not the good kind, I’d say,
I thought I had dipped, my quit gone away.
I guess it came up because of the chat,
Thanks a lot guys, I’ll soon pay you back!
I hope I don’t have to deal with one again,
But if I do, I’ll make sure I grin.
Bottom line is, those dreams are not real,
The worst part though is the way that you feel.
I guess it could be worse, you actually could cave,
You just gotta deal with it, like you would a crave.
Drink you some water, and do your quit part,
Then wake your ass up, and get a good start.
In the end you’ll realize the dream just ain’t real.
Cuz if it is…..It’d be a shitty deal….

An Ode to the Times

Last night in chat, what did I see?
The one called Timeless saying he’s cooler than me.
Now I don’t know that much about Times and his crew,
But this thing I do know; Times is cooler than…..few.
Now his quit is real strong, 607 if I’m right,
Good thing Times can count, I heard he’s not bright.
His friends are his asset, sweet like a bon-bon,
Even the cute one they call the Evil-Won.
I told Times I would right this, just to harass,
But when he’s in chat, he’s straight with your ass.
He’s a brother in quit, and will show you the way,
As long as you don’t mind being Quit with a Ghey.
So next time in chat if you see Times say “Hi”.
He’ll be the one blowing kisses to the philisteriiz guy…

Ode to the Old

I know it’s late, but I’ve been thinking awhile,
This ode is for an “old head” who’s walked the quit mile.
Loot is his name which I think is kinda cool,
But when spelled backwards, Loot becomes a Tool.
Maybe that’s better, I don’t know him that well,
But reading his posts, the man is funny as hell.
Except when rhyming, cause those really suck,
But I’m pretty darn sure, Loot doesn’t give a flyin $uck…
He’s been posting on site since the year ’06,
That’s a lota quit days and a lota turnin Trix.
But what I find the most awesome is he’s shown us the way,
Let’s face it my brothers, Loot is “OG” an Original Ghey!
So loot here’s to you, I’m so glad you’re here,
You’re an example to many, and have been for years.
There’s one last thing, I’ll tell you, it’s true,
If I ever grow up, I wanna be just like You……

Ode to Day 134

Another day quit, 134 days now seen.
Still hard to believe I’ve gone this long and stayed clean.
If you count it by months, it’s been four and some days
Each day I grow stronger but still deal with the rage.
I wish I could tell you that one day it will end,
But listening to the old head, I’ll always have that friend.
It’s ok with me, Like you, I’m to blame,
I put it in my mouth, so I’ll deal with the shame.
We all made the choice to start on that shit.
But we’ve also been true to ourselves and our quit.
So I hope that these odes have helped you get by,
I know they have me, and that sure is no lie.
In truth these odes help keep me alive.
I’ll prove it with another on day 135…..

Ode to the Post

Are you a true poster, or do you just play?
Do you post role in your group every single day?
The reason I ask, so you check your commit.
For me, doing it daily is part of my quit.
I post up in April for they are my crew.
The guys I started with, that help see me through.
But I post up in others, not just this one.
Some places I post are just for quit fun.
Like I visit the wildcards at least twice every day.
I love reading the threads and messing with he Gheys.
But the point of this ode is to simply check your gut,
Are you posting up daily or just showing your butt?
Once or twice a week, Don’t mean jack to a quitter,
You gotta post up daily and be a quit heavy hitter.
Now if you’re one of the guys who daily posts up,
Much props to you, your quit’s stayin tough.
You know who you are, where you sit in this tribute,
And if you’re the one or two poster, here’s my one fing Sa-lute….

Ode to the Quit Mom

So often we forget, we’re not the only ones.
There are mom’s who are quit and are tough son’s of guns.
We often think, that only guys dip,
But here on KTC, the laides are tough as shit.
There are more than a few, don’t know them by name.
But those I do know, are quit without shame.
There’s my good friend 2mch, she’s bad to the bone,
And a damn good mom, taking care of the home.
There’s also ‘ol Sage, who I met through the chat,
That chick’s tough as nails, and don’t take no one’s crap!
A new one I just met, Blowpop is her name,
Don’t know much more, but she just hit the hall of Fame!
So these ladies stay quit, and by us, are called Ghey,
But fellas your hats off to them, for today’s Mother’s Day!

Ode to the “Memory”

Found a new one, hadn’t seen before,
Another instance reminding me of the whore.
I’d dealt with the beer, made me wanna dip,
And even the whiskey, still wanted the shit.
This one was crazy, didn’t feel too good,
Worst thing about it? Memory came from food!
It’s a food I eat all the time, it’s great.
This time it sucked, because the food was steak.
Just finished my ribeye, knife in my hand,
The next thing I wanted was to finger pop my can.
Took a deep breath, really wanted to cry,
Thought the craves were gone, guess that’s a lie.
So now I know, the memories may never end.
But trust me on this, not going there again!

Ode to Life

In forty years I’ve seen many things.
I ‘ve done a lot and dreamed many dreams.
Some things I’ve been proud of, and others not so.
But close to the top is quitting the nic ho.
I rank it right up there with the birth of my sons,
Both gave new life, and both have been fun.
Yeah, there’s been days when the quit’s really sucked,
But I’m winning the battle and the nic has been bucked.
There’s also been days that I gave a big smile.
My quit has been strong, going mile after mile.
In the end, the nic will give nothing but strife,
So I”l stick with my quit, because I choose LIFE!

Ode to the forgotten day

Woke up this morning in a bit of a fog.
Felt somewhat like crap and tired as a dog.
It’s sure not from work, as I don’t have employment,
And I didn’t get lucky, so there was no enjoyment.
But the worst thing of all, I couldn’t remember the day.
Not which in the week, but the one making me Ghey.
I almost had, to count on my fingers,
Good think I didn’t, my counting’s a hum-dinger.
Then I remember, thought I had a belief,
That my day of quit was the same as KCCHIEF.
So I checked on the roll, and there sure enough,
My guess was spot on, though my memory a little rough.
So now I can tell you that I’m feeling rather great.
Cuz my ass is still quit, and I sporting day One Twenty Eight!!!

Ode to the Comma….

Last night in chat, something awesome I did see,
Spurbow had hit 1,000 days of being free.
When I first signed in, they where chatting about a “comma”,
And who was in the room, led me to think there’d be drama!
Then I found out what the comma was for:
One THOUSAND days free from the old nic whore.
My first thought was “damn, that’s a mighty long time,
to have your mouth free from the crap tasting slime.”
So Spurbow my hat is not tipped to you,
This is just more to help see me through.
To hit this mark your quit must be strong,
You stayed the quit course and didn’t go wrong.
Now in 873 days, sadly we’ll still have obama,
But Spurbow I’ll be like you, and I’ll get MY comma!

End of the day ode….

So I look at my clock and what do I see?
Thirty minutes left, and another day it’ll be.
Why does that matter, A new day is good!
unless no Ode for the day’s been written, like it should.
But what should I write for this day? Oh Damn!
But then in chat, I ran into GMANN.
Come to find out we live in the same state,
I call it confusion, he thinks Georgia’s great.
It’s the state of Georgia, known for it’s nuts,
And a ton of rednecks, showing their plumber butts.
The only good thing in Georgia, I see,
It’s where I found QUIT, becoming dip free.
So GMANN, I’ll give you credit for that,
You’ve supported my quit through the boards and the chat.
Now since we’re both quit, our relations shall keep,
But know I from Missouri, don’t like the Georgia sheep….

Ode to 125 days of Quit…

One Hundred and Twenty Five days I’ve been quit.
It’s hard to believe I stopped dipping that shit.
But throughout this time I’ve learned much about me,
The best thing of all? Damn good to be free.
Free from the lies and late ninja dips,
The hidden spit cups, and the late curb store trips.
I sleep so much better now I’m out of the fog,
my breath much cleaner, not smelling like a hog.
The foods now taste better than ever before,
No longer covered by the taste of the whore.
The people around me say I’m better this way,
Good thing they don’t know, all my new friends are ghey!
Best thing about my quit, if you ask me?
It’s the bonds that are formed, here on KTC!

Ode to the “New Guy”…

Today Papabear has hit his day Eight.
He’s posting up in August and doing really great.
How do I know this? I txt him each day,
Just to check in, make sure he’s doin OK.
It seems like forever, but I remember week one,
The suck had set in, and it wasn’t too fun.
But the way I got through, didn’t do it alone,
I was in the chat room, and getting txt by the phone.
So although this ode is for the new guy,
It’s also to the old, to help the new get by.
Get in the new groups and support them each day,
Help on thier journey from dipper to ghey.
I know in the end they’ll not be alone,
They’ll end of quit, with KTC as their home.
The goal of this site is to help find the way,
My question to you?
Who have YOU quit with TODAY??

Ode to Those who support us….

Can’t believe I’ve never penned one like this.
To give credit to those who’ve dealt with our shit.
Who’ve given an ear when we wanted to cave,
And reminded us kindly about the early grave.
Some have dealt with the spit cups around,
And the ring in the jeans all nice and round.
When the quit set in and the fog was there,
Our attitudes were poor, yet you still showed you care.
Don’t even know all the times I did cuss,
But you still showed us love, and gave us no fuss.
The quit is for me, This will always be true,
Honest truth is, couldn’t do it without you.
You’ve been there beside us all along the way,
With no questions asked about friends now Ghey.
So to those who support us, Our hats tip to you,
Thanks for being there, and helping us through……

Ode to Just another Day

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make you happy,
Like staying your quit when all else is crappy.
Like getting a smile from reading a post.
Or getting the chance at a quitter to roast.
Life as a quitter for some may seem small,
But for those of us quit, we give it our all.
Everyday we post up for our quit fam to see,
And that’s how we’ve created our quit family tree.
It does have dysfunction, but all families do,
But without this group, my quit would be through.
From Evil to LoneStar, and even Spartaron,
And can’t forget Chewie, the KTC Don.
These men are quit with me, every damn day,
And I didn’t leave out sportsfan, my own favorite ghey.
So read through the posts, the rants that are here,
They’re written in love, and some soaked in beer.
But none would be written if we didn’t believe,
That our quits are for life, if not we’d just leave.
So laugh when you can and be real with your quit,
Cuz if your quit ain’t real, then you’re full of shit….

Ode to the bump

Back in the day, the “bump” was a dance.
But on KTC, the bump burns our pants.
I don’t think it’s something that’s done with intention,
But Oh my dear God it’s something to mention.
It’s the thing we dread when it happens to us,
But when it’s someone else, most of us don’t fuss.
There are a few that always make it right,
But a handful more, that don’t give a flying kite!
A lot times it happens when posting from a phone,
Maybe your traveling, nowhere close to home,
You whip out your phone and post up your day,
Gotta get it done, and out of the way.
But in your hustle you don’t check and see,
If you bumped someone off, yeah, sometimes that’s ME!
But thanks to the few who keep an eye out,
You check if you’ve bump, so the brother’s don’t pout.
Like today it happened, it sure was a bummer,
And it was done, by my man RiverRunner.
But as soon as it happened an email I got,
I’m glad that he sent it, rather than not.
So River I thank you for letting me know,
You’re one hell of a quitter, and not a bump ho.
So next time you post make sure that it’s fine.
Or else you might find a foot to your behind…

Ode to our Chat

When was the last time you hung out in chat?
Chillin with quitters, bein’ down like that?
I’ve made it a point, to visit at least once each day,
There’s been some interesting convos, with my bros, the gheys…
Lube was the topic that one day came up.
Don’t ask me how, cuz that convo was tough.
We tried to decide which would be better,
WD-40 or KY, does it matter?
Then one of the bros threw in something more,
He was gonna make his own and call it, K4!
It’d be a mix between the two listed above,
I’m sure it would be in spray or a rub….
But here’s the point that I wanted to show:
The chat room is there, to keep your mind off the ho.
And if that means you talk about lube,
Then do it my friend, and keep up your quit ‘tude.
So next time you have a few minutes to spare,
Click the LIVE CHAT link, you’ll might find me there….

Ode to a Rainy Day

It’s raining outside, and not a nice day,
So not having a job, I stay inside and play!
Not much to do when you’re outta work,
‘cept read the quit boards, and act like a jerk.
I’m not alone, you’ve done it before,
trolled through the pages, looking for your quit whore.
Do you know what that is? If not, I’ll explain,
It’s the quitter you look up to, whose been on the quit train.
His posts are so funny and straight to the point.
Chance are his quit started when he was in the joint.
There’s probably a number of quitters like me,
I’ve been locked up, but now I am free.
The chains of dip no longer have me bound,
Partially because of KTC I done found.
So on this rainy day, with no job, I must say,
I’m proud to be quit, plan on staying that way.
The rains in life will come and they’ll go,
But I’ll never go back to sleeping with the nic ho….

Ode to a day off… NOT

A day of rest I thought I finally would see.
Today you weren’t gonna see an ode from me.
I’ve counted them all, over sixty so far.
I thought the last few were weak, and not up to par.
So I was planning to just keep my mouth shut,
Then a txt from a quitter simply said, “yo what’s up”
“Why haven’t you written an ode for the day”?
DIdn’t have an answer but to say, “on the way”
Then I remember the reason I write,
To keep the nic back and fight the quit fight.
Last night I chatted with a vetted old head.
Been quit for years, and here’s what he said,
“Don’t get relaxed because you’ve made it these days,
The nic bitch can get you, in many different ways”.
I took that to say, we will never be fixed,
We’re addicted for life, so deal with the shiz…
So I guess that means I be writing each day,
It’s my way of coping to keep the ‘ol whore away.
So whether you read this, or let them pass by,
I’ll write them each day, till the day that I die…

Ode to the toughest day of the week.

Is there a day thats the toughest for you?
For me it’s Saturday, real tough to get thru.
It might be because of laying around,
Or avoiding my girl, who’s to-do list I’ve found.
It’s not that I want to enjoy a good dip,
I’m way past that, at this point of my Quit.
It’s just that these days remind me of times,
When I’d relax with a dip, and a beer with some lime.
Now days, it just me and my seeds,
It sure ain’t a dip, but it meets all my needs.
By all of my needs, let me clear that for some,
It’s the oral fix I mean, so stop being dumb.
I wish I knew why those who dipped are so sick,
Sometimes we make fun of the stupidest shit.
But if that’s what it takes to keep off the can,
Be as dumb as you need, stay QUIT, and be “the man”.
So whatever the day make you think of the dip,
Remember your pledge of NO CRAP IN YOUR LIP!!


I thought for a minute my odes would be done.
But guess what my brothers, I’m STILL a QUIT BUM!
One Hundred sixteen, days I’ve now done.
And not for a sec with that shit in my gum.
But my quit just gets stronger each day that I pass
It’s proof to us all, you can kick the whore’s ass.
It just takes some courage, some balls, and the will,
And the support of your bros, to give it some thrill.
Speaking of thrill, there’s a HUGE one for May!
Your HOF is coming, you’ll soon own the day,
Spartaron and me have been let on the train.
They gave us the keys, and here comes the pain.
An honor it is, one we’ll never forget,
We promise no bruise so Maysters don’t fret.
Remember once your on, there’s nowhere to flee,
Like the Geico pig open your mouth and yell WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Ode to a crap day

If I was ever gonna cave, today’d be the day.
Lost my job after a 10 year stay.
I’ll tell you the truth, it never crossed my mind.
No way I give in, this is just a bump in time.
There always bad things that come our way,
But it’s our desire to stay quit, keeping us from the fray.
So here’s to my day one one five,
Might not have a job, but I’m still alive.
So to all you wimps who’ve caved for less,
If this is an exam, I just aced the test.
I’m gonna stay quit through thick and through thin.
So take THAT nic bitch, you’re never gonna win…

Ode to your friends…..

Time to fess up, and share what you know.
How many friends dip and still love that ho?
You know you have them, and I do too.
But have YOU done anything to help see them thru?
If your proud of your quit, it’s your duty to share,
Tell your dip buddies and show them you care.
Or are you ashamed of the fact that your quit?
Do you hide this one truth like you used to hide your dip?
The new class of AUGUST has been born on the site.
Ain’t had one signer, by day or by night.
So get off your ass and help spread the word!
Steer some of your brothers from the nasty lip turd.
Be a light for them and show them the way.
Share your quit story, help them turn ghey!
So enough of my banter, time to get off your ass,
together let’s build up the pre HOF AUgust 2013 class!!!!!

Ode to a Lesson Learned…..

We talk bad about cavers, and yeah we ride their ass,
But what about the caver who comes back with class?
We ask them those questions, the why, when and how?
But the bottom line remains: WHatcha gonna do NOW?
I met a new friend, ToeTag is his name,
He’s been quit THREE times, twice member in the Hall of Fame.
But just like some others, he caved to the witch,
Got caught up in dealing with that old evil bitch.
His story has merit, he became “Super Quit”,
But realized, there was more when dealing with this shit.
So many of us daily spend time on this site,
We think we’re supposed to, that’s what we do, right?
But it ain’t just about the life seen online,
Our quit is about what we do in our OWN TIME.
So ToeTag I’m behind you, hoping this quit don’t bend,
But while I’m back here, I’ll keep a foot in your rear end!
Now a lesson to us all, I hope this does make,
If you ain’t true to yourself, Your quit is just fake!
We can all learn from this, it speaks to us all.
Your days may get up there, but even the mighty can fall…

Ode to day 110 (damn 111)

I posted up wrong, and I felt rather dumb.
I put day 110, when in fact its triple one.
Three months plus, I’ve been without nic.
And if you think that not much, Then you don’t know dick!
Don’t mean to be rude, but you’ve been there before,
When you’ve had a bad day, Like your backs agianst the door.
Your mouth still craves, your head feels like shit,
The thing that holds me together, is knowing I’m still quit!
But if that’s good enough for me, then why do guys cave?
I’m 111 days in, and I still deal with the crave.
Yeah, you’re reading this right, it’s truly a rant,
But I’ve stayed quit, when other wimps can’t!
Forty-Three from April have hit 100 days,
There’s a few more to go, we’re still adding Gheys,
So if you think you can’t make it, and you wanna give in,
There’s gheys countin’ years, and still in it to win.
But I’m done ranting now, my panties no longer are bunched,
Just keep your ass quit, or your life may get punched.

Ode to the hidden can….

I’m not alone, You know you’ve done it before,
If you were a lyin’ dipper, you’ve hidden the canned whore.
Today was spring cleaning, my son’s by my side,
Empty cans found all over, there was nowhere to hide.
Just on my bookcase, what did I see,
Not just one there, but a total of three.
The Bible hid one, that was covered in dust,
Guess the angels were keeping me, from my addictive lust.
Another was found by a book from Tom Clancey,
Dang that nic bitch sure tickled my fancy.
The last one stung most, and this one, please hear:
It was behind a trophy for “Man of the Year”…
So to the hidden cans, you’re now out in the open,
I bet you thought by now, my ass would be broken!
But I’ve now held strong for a hundred PLUS days,
Done it by faith, and the support of some “gheys”
I know I not done, more cans will I find,
But know this, you whore, I’ve left you behind.
I’ll never go back, so dip just kiss my ass.
Like the brotha did say, I’m “free at last, FREE AT LAST!”

Ode to another day Quit…..

Another day quit, if you count them, One-oh-Nine.
I still post up daily, and I’m feeling mighty fine.
There still are some tough spots, where I feel like crap,
But when those times are on me, I spend some time in chat.
Next week, I’ll be honest, I’m straight up scared a hell.
Got a date with the tooth doctor, and hope it goes real well.
See, I’ve been a little stupid, and yeah, a little dumb,
I ain’t been taking care, of my mouth and my gums.
Talk about receeding? My mouth looks pretty bad,
I’m sure in the end, it’s my teeth that will be glad.
So my bit of knowledge today is rather short and sweet,
Take some time, look in the mirror, take care of your teeth meat.
If you haven’t gone before, I hope you do real fast,
Take some time, get to the doc, and take care of your ass!!!

Ode to the Newbs…….

So I was trolling through chat, and met some new gheys,
They were dealing with the suck, and fighting them craves!
One was four days in, and still in the race,
Glad he was in chat, cuz that’s the right place!
It’s good to see newbs, using the site,
dealing with the suck, but staying in the fight!
But what was even better? The encouragement they gave,
Each to the other, neither one now a slave!
So NATUREBOYS99 and TXJONES, my hat is tipped to you,
Your young in your quit, and I know you’ll see it thru!
Now keep on pushin, stay quit with no shame.
And in a few more months, we’ll see ya in the Hall of Fame!

The Challenge…..

I’ve noticed a few things, being over a hundred days,
Aside from the HOF, and chatting with the “gheys”,
There’s a new sense of feeling, a sense you belong,
You’ve faced some bad days, but you remained strong!
Our HOF class is a pretty big size,
We are from all over, some dumb, some wise.
But what from here? What should come next?
I have the answer, and it involves some text!
All of us now, picked up by the quit train,
Need to find a young quitter, and share our quit brain!
Don’t know about you, but can sure speak for me,
If it weren’t for some old heads, no way I’d stay free.
We all owe a speech, but I think we owe more,
There’s young quitters behind us, that don’t know the score!
So all of you jokers with me in the Hall of Fame,
Get off your butts, cuz our quit ain’t no game.
Share what you know, and get someone thru!
You already know, someone did the SAME for YOU!

Ode to a Quitters ABC’s…..

Last night I sat in Chat, and something dawned on me:
The best way to describe your Quit is easy as A-B-C.
It’s simple to remember, quirky and kinda fun,
I bet even the newbs, will get it and not feel dumb!
ADMIT you are an addict, cause that is what you are!
BELIEVE that you can stay your quit, and you will go real far.
COMMIT to posting daily, cuz that’s what quitters do.
Just follow these three simple things, they’ll help to see you thru.
QUitting’s not a science, and it’s not as tough as math.
It IS a full commitment we make, to stay on the QUIT path.
So when the crave’s upon you, and you don’t think you will last,
Just think about these ABC’s, the nic whore’s now YOUR PAST!!!

Ode to a CRAVE

It happened today, and this one did SUCK!
Office life was bad; the boss chewed my butt.
All my mouth wanted was a dip to put in,
I do hate the bitch, but I needed a friend.
Now don’t go to judgin’ you been there before,
You’ve had a bad day, thought you needed the whore.
But I’ve got one thing, to say to my crave,
YOu’re not gonna help ME to an early grave.
I can do that myself, all me, no dip!
If I’m going out, I’m going out QUIT!
But I do digress, this ain’t about me,
It’s about the crave, who WE made to flee.
And yes, I said we, didn’t do it alone,
Called on sportsfan (again) from my phone.
So crave, I’m sorry, again you have lost.
I’m not going back, not paying that cost.
One last thing to say to those far and near,
The craves may still come, but you don’t have to fear,
Just keep your phone handy, and your numbers close by,
And when Crave comes, tell him to eat shit, and DIE!!!

Ode to a Caver

By the time you finally read this, YOu’ve gone and turned your head.
You gave up on your Quit family, and went to her instead.
You know the one I speak of, I will not say her name,
But it’s because of her that you’ve joined the hall of shame!
I know you have your reasons, you think some justified,
But the truth of the matter is your quit just up and died…
I bet you’ve quit before, maybe a time or two?
Eventually I hope one day, your love for her is through.
Can’t you see she hates you? She makes you have to lie.
And if you keep the affair with her, I promise you will die.
One day I hope you wake up and see it’s not a game.
It’s not about just posting up, or hitting the Hall of Fame.
It’s about the lives we live, the examples we have set,
It’s also about being true to our word, something you just don’t get….
We’re sorry that you caved, the fault is all your own,
Just fess up, admit the truth, and we’ll welcome you back home.
But if you choose to dip, you’re playing with the fire,
And in the end, you will get burned, you know I’m not a liar!
So come on back to KTC, we’ll beat you on your head.
I think that’s better than the other; the other’s where you’re dead…..

Ode to 103

It happened today, And this one sucked,
I wanted a dip, and I thought I was F*@k3d.
I was outside playing catch with my son,
He’s eight years old, so we were having fun!
And from nowhere it hit me, smack dab in the ass,
This one was different, it took a long while to pass.
I think it was mental but I wanted one bad,
I thought I had beat this, so now I was mad.
My boy wanted to know, what happened to my grin.
I told him the truth, a crave had set in.
But Gabe just smiled, and said, “Dad it’s OK,
Just give it some time, it’s gonna go away”
Did you ever think you could learn from your kid?
I never had, and in that moment I did.
There on the spot I knew Gabe was right,
It’s a battle of the mind, and I won that fight!
So on day 103, I slammed the crave door.
Hope tomorrow will be better, cuz it’s day One-O-Four.

Ode to 102….

102 days that i’ve been free from the can.
Been a long haul for sure, and I’m still NOT the “man”.
By that I just mean, 100 days IS a lot,
But there’s bad-asses like Chewie, STILL solid as a rock.
I want my quit to matter, but not just to me.
I want to be an example for others to get free.
But don’t you think, that’s the path we should take?
To lead lead those behind from making our mistake?
We’re all about our quit, but it’s deeper than that.
I say we hunt down the ass-holes who make all that crap.
They know the truth about what’s going on.
They feed on the weak to keep pockets strong.
And though tomorrow I’ll be quit one more day,
because of their shit, an addict, I’ll stay.
But know this one thing will forever ring true:
Our message to the dip makers…. “HEY SCREW YOU”!!!

Ode to 101….

I bet you thought the poems were all done?
I bet you thought I did this for fun?
Well let me tell you the reason behind,
I’ve taken the time in writing these rhymes.
They started back in the 60’s for me,
I had no idea of what they would be.
For my quit they became a huge relief.
Even when the craves came and gave me their grief.
Then I came find other’s were using them too,
To give them some laughs, to help see them through.
To find that these poems were good for us all,
It gives me some purpose, helps keep me stand tall.
I honestly thought free from writing I would see,
But then I read the replacements from dear DLEE3!
I give it to him, he really did try,
But a poet he’s not, and I cannot lie.
So if it’s OK with you, I’ll keep writing each day.
I’ll post up regular, hope you like what I say!
I’m in it for life, and don’t give a shit!
I’m gonna keep pushin, WE’RE gonna stay QUIT!

Ode to 100……………

Thought it was a train I heard through the thick,
I was dead wrong, that noise was ST. NICK!
The guys on the train were drunk at the bar,
The engine was weak, It wouldn’t get far.
It had to be Taz who called the fat man,
To give us some juice to the promised land.
The train was real slow, the fault was all ours,
Sixteen new quitters were packed in the cars!
We made it this far, and we’re on the right track,
We’re gonna push harder, no brag, just fact.
A “thank you” goes out to all on this site.
You’ve helped us stay quit, through day and through night!
We wouldn’t have made it sitting in a quit class,
You’ve helped us stay quit, with a foot in our ass.
This day marks One-Hundred, But I’m far from being done
Today I start SHOUTING, “200 HERE I COME!!!”


Do you hear that sound? The train is coming for me!
Tomorrow will mark 100 days free!
I’ve worked my ass off to make it this far,
Done some weird things, you might call Bazaar.
Like one day I was craving really, really, bad,
Didn’t want to give in, but I sure as hell was mad.
What did I do, to help me stay free?
I went to my kitchen, and started dipping tea.
Yeah, I said it, and some have done it before.
But we do what we do to never give into the whore.
And after this long, you’d think I’d be clean,
But I’m an addict for life, and you KNOW what I mean!
For me, I’ll stay strong, I’m committed for life,
No matter how tough, I’ll deal with the strife.
You know what tomorrow is, so this poems through,
Oh yeah, I forgot, nic bitch, SCREW YOU!!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member iizphilister

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