The KTC Support Forums Update

Progress QuoteIf you’re reading this you most likely know by now that we migrated the forums last night. The new address of the support forums moving forward will be

Candidly, we had no intention of doing it, but there were some issues with the shared server we were on (on the GoDaddy side of things) that sort of pressed our hand.

Here’s where things stand at this point.

The support forums ( is on a separate domain name (obviously), separate hosting account and is no longer on a shared hosting environment. I won’t bore you with the technical details but know that we believe that the setup we have now is the most secure, stand alone and hopefully stable environment we’ve EVER been on in the 12+ year history of the forums.

All old links you may have bookmarked should redirect to the appropriate links.

There may be a bit of cleanup to be done (people might need to clear their browser cache) and some folks may deal with work firewall issues as this is a new domain, but there’s not much we can do about that.

Its been a bumpy ride but we’re now in a REALLY good spot. We will now have the flexibility to do things that we never could before.

I’d like to offer a HUGE thanks to all the mods and admins that literally dropped everything to make this happen so quickly and relatively smoothly. I am once again, indebted to you guys forever and ever.

So incredibly proud of what we’ve built and continue to foster… it truly is amazing.

Post roll, keep your promise. I’m proud to be quit with you all.

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