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They Said It – Josh Hamilton Via Sports Illustrated

They Said ItI’ve been a Sports Illustrated subscriber for years now.  One of my favorite segments every week is the “They Said It” piece.  If you’re not familiar with it, they pull a quote from an athlete and then provide the context around the quote.

I was flipping through a back issue the other day and ran across this one which I just had to share with the KTC crowd:

“You know it’s bad when your three-year-old holds up a water bottle and asks if Daddy spit in this before she drinks.”

If you’re thinking to yourself that this sounds like a dipper you’d be absolutely correct.  This quote comes from Rangers outfield Josh Hamilton.  Hamilton is best known for his battles with other addiction but it’s good to see him here talking about his battle with dip.

I’m SO happy that this is no longer an issue for me.  I remember quite well taking a swig from a bottle of Coke or a beer at a party only to find out one millisecond too late that I just gulped down my spitter.  I remember all too well that feeling when the warm sludge hit the back of your throat and there’s nothing quite like Kodiak bits (in my case) sliding down your gullet.

Just one more reason why I’m not going back.

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5 years ago

haha, we always put newspaper or paper towels in ours. that way we knew if it was good or not

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