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You Don’t Need Details – You Know the Story

The More You KnowRecently on the forums, a member showed up looking for help.  As is normal, several fellow members jumped to his aid offering help, suggestions, etc.

Someone asked for some additional details when offering their help:

“Details brother and or sister. I’d love to help, but know nothing about you.”

And that’s when loot jumped in with this piece of stone… cold… brilliance.

loot’s Response:

“You don’t need details…and you are wrong. You know everything you need to know about him. Here is a list:

  • He is an addict.
  • He is a liar.
  • He is a cheat.
  • He is a thief.

Here is a list of other important things you know:

  • He is tired.
  • He is broken.
  • He hates this part of himself.
  • He hates being controlled.
  • He’s willing to try anything to be clean.

Here is a list of things WE know:

  • He is in good company.
  • He’s found the one resource that will save his life… but only if he doesn’t forget the first two lists.
  • YOU are the help he needs.
  • YOU can make a difference.
  • Roll Call is the tie that binds, we won’t disgrace it.
  • We are just like him. We ARE him. WE just happened to have finally submitted to the first two lists a few days before him.

It’s up to us to get him all comfy with list 3.”

And that folks… is why KillTheCan.org is the best thing going when it comes to quitting smokeless tobacco.  It’s because of people like loot who not only recognize what it means to be successful at quitting, but also have the guts to not sugar coat things and will tell it like it is.  It’s what this house was built on… and it’s what will propel us into the future.  How’s YOUR quit treating you today?

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